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If you’ve read my blog before, then you’ll know just how much I love a great candle/diffuser/anything that makes my home smell as great as possible. A few weeks back my boyfriend bought me a Yankee Candle tart melts holder where you light a tealight underneath and melt the wax tart to release the fragrance. Ever since I saw them advertised on the QVC tv channel I knew I had to try them, as I love yankee candles, but for some reason I had always diverted against the tart melts. I actually picked out a gorgeous floral holder in black in Clinton Cards for £6.99 but I have found it on Amazon here (the same one – official Yankee Candle design) in cream for under a fiver – bargain!

yankee candle tart melts

When I got the melter, I picked up a few tarts to melt. I was so impressed that I then decided to set off of Amazon that works out much cheaper than buying them individually from the shops! I went for a surprise batch (which is usually cheaper again) so I could test out fragrances I wouldn’t ordinarily pick out for myself, but you can chose your own by some sellers if you have personal favourites.

yankee candle tart melts

When I burnt my first tart I was so impressed by just how much it filled my living room full of the scent – I spend a fortune on the large jar candles, but these created a much  stronger smell and kept my living room smelling gorgeous for days. Granted, they only contain about 8 hours of scent, but I find that once left and re-light another burst comes out. I think these are really great and means you can switch the smells according to the seasons or your mood. I’ve converted – these are going to be my ‘go-to’ for filling my home with a gorgeous smell over the large jars.

Fragrances I received: Lavender, Summer Scoop, Bahama Breeze, White Gardenia, Pink Hibiscus, Black Coconut, Pink Sands, Angels Wings, A Child’s Wish & Wedding Day (although I have that one melting as I write this post – bad blogger *slaps wrist*). These are all a great combination of spring scents that will accompany the sunny weather! I have also had the Sicilian Lemon melt & it smelt amazing – I really recommend it!

yankee candle tart melts

I’m so happy I’m going to be able to try so many new fragrances from Yankee Candle without having to spend £15/£20 on a jar candle. I even bought my mum a set with the holder for Mothers Day and she’s totally addicted too so these will make a fantastic present for anyone you know who loves a candle, or just a gift for yourself because you deserve it!

Have you tried Yankee Melts before? Which are your favourites? Let me know!

Amy x

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