Yankee candle summer sale haul

That’s it. I’m a candle addict and I need professional help. When Yankee Candle emailed me about their Summer Sale earlier this month I could not pass up the opportunity to have a Yankee candle summer sale haul. Read on to see what goodies I picked up at a discounted price!

yankee candle summer sale

1. Beach Holiday Large Jar – Sale: £13.99

Yankee candle summer sale haul

I love a large jar candle and usually spend around £20 for them so for £13.99 this was a total steal during the Yankee candle summer sale haul. I hadn’t smelt Beach Holiday before but it looked like a really fresh candle that would contain connotation of ocean smells which I knew would remind me of Devon so I whacked it in my basket before it sold out. It arrived and I wasn’t at all disappointed – think fresh cotton smell crossed with a soft ocean breeze and this is this candle in a nutshell. It smells really clean and will be a bathroom candle for me to burn over the summer. I am having friends and family stay over the summer holidays and know this will help make my bathroom really relaxing for them plus large jars last forever and will go with the blue colour scheme we have going on. I love this one and recommend it to anyone who loves clean and fresh smells.

2. Vanilla Cupcake Tealights – Sale £5.25

yankee candle cupcake tealights

yankee candle vanilla tealights

I love Yankee Candle tealights as they are extremely large and are a great companion for my wax melts plus smell gorgeous. These were the fragrance of the month at the time of buying which means I got them at a reduced rate, instead of the £6.99 RRP. I had a Vanilla Cupcake candle beforehand and it smelt like freshly cooked sweet waffles, again a smell I associate with a town from Devon which is why I wanted to re-stock. The candles for wax melts can be unscented however I love that these add another depth to the melted wax tarts and last incredibly long. I love them and definitely want to pick up more of these next time I do another Yankee Candle haul!

3. Heart Shaped Votive Holder – Sale £3.85

yankee candle votive holder heart

yankee candle votive holder

I recently broke a votive holder I already owned and wanted a replacement. I saw this gorgeous hand painted holder in the sale and had to snap it up! For £3.99, this was incredibly cheap, this design is exclusive to the website and can’t be bought in stores and it’s just so cute! When it arrived I noticed it was made out of china and is an incredible quality, it fits votives perfectly and will ensure it melts equally which can be a problem with cheaper holders. This looks so nice in my flat and I’ll be buying these as gifts for others as I know my friends and family will find these adorable too!

4. Sweet Apple Votive – Sale £1.25

yankee candle apple votive

Having bought the new votive holder, I wanted a new votive candle to burn right away! Sweet Apple is a fragrance I have wanted to try for quite some time and when burning it is incredibly summery and fresh. It remind me of my childhood and I will definitely pick up a larger candle next time! These candles are usually around £1.80/£2 and are a really inexpensive way to try new fragrances that Yankee Candle release without splurging.

Have you also enjoyed a Yankee candle summer sale haul? What’s your favourite scent?

Amy x

  • I love the smell of the vanilla cupcake candles, the beach holiday one that you mention sounds lovely!.
    All the big yankee candles are on special in tesco’s aswell, think they are 2 for £15 at the moment or £9.00 each 🙂


    • admin

      Oh are they? I live just opposite a Tesco, I can only imagine that I’ll be spending a fortune there! Thank you lovely <3

  • Cat

    Ah the Vanilla Cupcake is my favourite! 🙂 xx


  • It’s so hard to choose a favourite when there are so many options! I am fond of the salted caramel though. I love the look of the Beach Holiday one featured. Beautiful shade of blue <3


  • I LOVE those vanilla cupcake ones, they’re my all time favourite! I’ve run out of most of my candles so I’ve been burning ones I got for Christmas – Snow In Love is my current scent! Loved this post 🙂

  • Amy

    Beach Holiday sounds amazing!

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  • Beach Holiday looks so amazing! I love scents like that, it sounds like it’s right up my alley… I may have to go purchase it! hehe I just found your blog and I really enjoy it, your pictures are amazing! I look forward to reading more! <3

    • admin

      Awh thank you so much! I hope you find Beach Holiday and enjoy it as much as I do and thank you for your comments about my blog. Really appreciate it my lovely <3

  • Vanilla Cupcake is one of my favourite scents! x


  • I loooove Yankee canldles *-* Great post x Ania

  • I am just about to check out the website now to see if they have any good deals now.
    I am so excited because I adore candles. 🙂
    I would love the beach one and the vanilla cupcakes ones. 🙂


    • admin

      Definitely do! They have recently added more to the sale & extended it, let me know if you pick up anything!
      The beach one smells gorgeous it really does. X

  • I am a candle lover and those tea llights are so gorgeous to see and smell. I love your blog and if you fancy a read, then check onto my blog https://lifestylebites3.wordpress.com

    • admin

      They do look so cute, right? They also last forever for a tealight, I’d definitely recommend them! Your blog is super cute, your postt about creating a smokey eye look is something I’ve been looking for for quite some time, thank you lovely and I’ll be a regular reader!

      Thanks for reading! X

  • Beach Holiday sounds absolutely wonderful! Wonderful haul!

    • admin

      It’s so nice and refreshing! Thanks for reading lovely X

  • Lucy Gould

    I’ve actually never ever bought a Yankee Candle before but I feel like I’m missing out after reading this!

    I think I’ll definitely have to purchase one!

    Lucy Xx


    • admin

      Oh my gosh you must! Their summer sale is still on but not for much longer or you can get them cheaper on Amazon when the sale isn’t on. You must try them, my favouirte is Vanilla Lime! Let me know if you try them! X

  • Vanilla cupcake is my kind of fragrance, it smells so sweet though. Is it a really sweet smell when it’s burning?

    • admin

      I always thought it would be too sweet (as i first got it as a gift) but you know what it smells like when burning? Fresh sweet waffles, not too sweet at all, just the right amount in my opinion! X