10 reasons why I hate Instagram

Okay, strong title, perhaps I love to hate Instagram.. but the reasons are very justified and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way! Without Instagram we’d never document our breakfast, or share our #OOTD or even covet over thousands of makeup products in the same way. I lied, I love Instagram, I do. I spend so much time on it daily and love that it’s the most visual social media platform that is a pleasure spending time on. As a blogger, though, Instagram can be bloody annoying and I though I’d share 10 reasons why I hate Instagram!

why i hate instagram

1) Getting followers on Instagram is harder than on any other platform, I swear. I see my twitter grow continuously on a daily basis, but Instagram is a slow process.

2) Every time I post a photo, I swear I lose followers – when I was on holiday, and didn’t post a single thing, I gained in excess of 50 followers. This literally made no sense.

3) The pressure of the theme. The struggle of getting a white, stunning theme is so real. In all honesty, I’m beginning to let it go. I tried to have an Instagram that people lust over but it just wasn’t happening. My house is not white, my photos are not perfect and I certainly don’t have any candid #OOTD shots.


4) Having apps for those whitening purposes though. I may be letting go a little, but I still love a bright series of images: Facetune (using the teeth whitening tool to brighten backgrounds), Afterlight (for brightening and contrast purposes) and much more. I often take images on my DLSR, edit on Photoshop and then send it to my phone. When did it get this bad?

5) Being out and about and getting a festive Costa cup (I live in Devon, no Starbucks close by) and having to find a white wall (or similar) to document it. Also, ordering aesthetically pleasing meal and asking friends to not eat it for a second as you have to photograph it. Cocktails too. Sorry not sorry.

6) One of the biggest reasons why I hate Instagram: people unfollow you if you don’t follow them back instantly. We all have those people that follow us, unfollow as we didn’t follow back then follow again in the hope we act differently. THIS IS SO ANNOYING! Please stop. I always look at the feeds of people that follow me – I follow back if I like their photos/they have the same interests me and don’t if they don’t.

Why I hate instagram

7) Instagram is a slow process but my god isn’t it obvious when people buy followers? I’ve looked at bloggers followers of whom I really like and have seen half the people with no profile picture/photos and called ‘follow4follow’ or ‘followb0t’ ect. There are robot accounts on Instagram which sometimes can’t be helped, but the people you ‘buy’ will not engage in your posts and how is that good? It’s all about quality, not quantity. Definitely one of the reasons why I hate Instagram!

8) I’m forever envious of everyone’s Instagram theme. I am that person. A few months ago I got so “everyone’s Instagram is prettier than mine” jealous that I started again – deleted all of my photos and started from the beginning. I don’t recommend this, of course, but hey.

9) I ordered a marble background – guilty! #clichebloggeralert

10) Hashtagging is the bane of my life. To get likes and followers, I’ve found you need to hashtag the fuck out of your photos. Not on your main caption though, of course, because you don’t want to look spammy. Instagram is such an operations, but one day, maybe, I’ll love it again?

beauty blogger instagram

That said, I think Instagram may be heading in the right direction with live stories. I am yet to properly exploit this, so I’d love to know if any of you guys love watching them? Do you follow people because you love how much you get to know them? Then again, the algorithms are always changing it’s hard to know the future of the app. It can’t be ignored that it’s huge right now and the only way to help people grow is by supporting one another.

If you fancy showing my Instagram some love feel free too here – no obligations though, obvs.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Do you agree with why I hate Instagram?

Amy x


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