Where Should You Get Your Beauty Tips From?

Stuck for ideas, not sure what kind of look you should try next? You’re not alone as so many women around the world are constantly trying to find looks which they can perfect and then move on to other trends in the beauty world, it really is ever-changing! It’s an incredible time to be in the makeup industry because now more than ever before we have social media that keeps us in touch with those who inspire us from familiar celebrities to up-and-coming influencers. Even I plucked up the courage in the past few years to start my own Youtube channel sharing beauty advice as well as lifestyle and motherhood ramblings. There are even Instagram accounts that offer makeup advice, YouTube channels that do in-depth tutorial videos, brands that will do live streams of product launches with exclusive access to their loyal, online fans. The beauty industry is very vast as well, as some nations will have their own culture that you can learn from. For example, the makeup styles will be different for those in hotter countries compared to those in colder climates so finding the right influencer for you is key in finding the best inspiration online.

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Joining a community

You’re not the only one that wants more advice and ideas to pull off different looks. Joining a community might be to your benefit in other ways too because you get free make up when you sign up. With around 53,000 plus Instagram followers, this company brings women of all kinds together to talk about and experience new products. Maybe one product will work for you but another won’t -if you knew the duds from potential favourites before you spend your money, you could save yourself a lot of coin in the long run. With the tips and help from other people, you can do just that. There might be a chemical ingredient that you had no idea about and it could react badly to your skin. At the same time, you really love what the product offers, so talk to those that are just as puzzled and enthusiastic as you are to see if you have alternative options.

A step by step guide

By now you have probably seen just how many beauty channels there are on YouTube. Very often, new videos of topics concerning this community are featured on the trending page. Millions of people watch them and get a step by step guide on different, unique looks. This is perhaps the most advanced thing to happen to the community for a long time because now you can play a video you like and follow along at home. You can also write comments to the channel creator and hopefully start a dialogue with other fans. Going into the comment section of a makeup channel’s videos can be very helpful for you. Maybe you have an embarrassing question you’re not willing to ask anyone else in real life. Online, you don’t have to let anyone know who you are and get some great advice for any issues you’re having.

Joining communities that are very enthusiastic about sharing their experiences about new products is something you will wish you would have done sooner, trust me. Going online and watching tutorials on how to perfect looks you have always wanted to have, makes the understanding of products simpler and the application also easier, plus you’ll get so much more use out of products when you understand their potential.

What’s the best tip you’ve learnt from an online influencer? I’d love to know.

Amy x

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