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I love reading what other people have in their Z palette and decided to do my very own ‘What’s in my Z Palette?‘ post showing you the eye shadows I’ve picked up from Makeup Geek and de-potted from Benefit as it is quickly becoming one of my most reached for palettes of all time. I have done a video all about my Makeup Geek pans available here but I thought I’d go into a little big more detail here…

So lets begin with the Makeup Geek eye shadows I have picked up. These were all purchased off of Beauty Bay as it’s a lot easier (and quicker) for us UK based girls as I know a few people that have ordered direct from Makeup Geek and ended up with a horrid customs charge after waiting weeks for them to arrive. This way is completely hassle free – and can all be found here, all but one of the shadows below were £4.95, the other from the foiled range which can be found here.

makeup geek eyeshadows

White Lies / A very true to white colour perfect for any palette/kit. I find this works well as not only a base colour to make any other colour even more intense but is also a fantastic highlight for the inner corner of the eye if you’re looking to keep it matte. This is the most pigmented white eye shadow I have ever used, and that’s saying something with my huge eye shadow collection.

Shimma Shimma / Now this was the shimmery highlight shade that was hyped the most out of all of those currently available from Makeup Geek and I can confirm the hype is definitely real! I love using this again in my inner corner to make me appear more awake or in the centre of my eyelid to make them appear larger than they actually are but as well this performs amazingly as a brow bone highlight. Really versatile and one I think would work on all skin types and colours.

Creme Brulee / As I mentioned in my Haul video (if you watched it) this is one of the chalkier consistency eye shadows of them all, with only two having this formula that just crumbles as your brush goes in. That said, this doesn’t mean it lacks pigment and it makes for an amazing crease shade for us pale girls or a gorgeous transition shade for tanned girls. Just be warned this does get a little messy.

Peach Smoothie / And another overly hyped product and another shadow I feel is much chalkier than the rest. It is a gorgeous transition shades (regardless of skin tone) and is perfect for the spring/summer where I tend to go crazy on the warm eye looks. I wouldn’t say this is worth the hype as it’s not one I couldn’t live without, but it is handy to have.

Frappe / Now I was torn on this and Latte (and restrained myself in picking up both) and went with this as it was a little lighter than the latter, meaning for me it is a little more user friendly when I am pale as I can sheer it out or build it up for a fail safe brown smoky eye (which I seem to be going for on the daily at the moment). A gorgeous warm brown I definitely think anyone needs..

Barcelona Beach / My question with this shadow is – Why the heck is this not hyped like the others? This is an amazing neutral brown that will go fantastic with warm or cool complexions and is a fail safe brown for the crease. I love this colour and it may actually be my favourite brown in this palette. I would recommend this to everyone as it’s so versatile – if you’re a make up artist – this is one you need to add to your kit. Right now. Go!

Prom Night / If you watched my Haul video, you’ll know just how excited I was about this shadow. This is a Mac Satin Taupe dupe and an amazing dupe at that, just at half the price. It’s an amazing shimmery taupe colour that has insane pigmentation. It’s definitely one of the coolest pans in my Z palette but I love experimenting with this and have loved every look I’ve created with it. Definitely one of my favourite in the entire palette.

Homecoming / If you love your warm neutrals this will be right up your street – Homecoming is a gorgeous bronze shimmer colour that will look good on every skin tone and will make any eye colour pop. This is going to be one of the ones I reach for during this Spring and Summer I can just tell. Not only that, the pigment in this illustrates just how amazing the Makeup Geek pigment is.

Confection / This is an amazing matte pink shade, it reminds me of the colour of the Mac Painterly Paint Pot. I don’t know how this would translate on darker skin as for me, it almost matches my natural lid colour but it’s great not only as a transition colour but also as a blending colour once you’ve finished the eye look. It’s basic and it’s a matte but I do really like it but the pigment on it is much less than others in my set.

Petal Pusher / Another pink neutral in my palette that will work amazingly with Confection to create a subtle, pink eye look perfect for a ‘no make up, make up day’. It is also matte but has greater pigmentation than Confection.

Bitten / Now this shadow is one of the reasons I wanted to start a Makeup Geek collection. I’m obsessed with burgundy eye shadow colours and knew this would be right up my street! This is a matte and I love using it instead of a brown to create a gorgeous, unique smoky eye with a twist. The pigmentation on this is on point and of all the matte shades this has to be my favourite. I would recommend this to everyone!

Country Girl / This is a reddy brown colour with a little shimmer that works perfectly as a crease colour before adding Bitten. It’ll help you achieve any warm look you’re going for, it isn’t one that stands out over others in my palette but is one I use often as it is so versatile for so many different looks.

Cherry Cola / Now think Bitten but a little darker, the two are a match made in heaven for a burgundy smoky eye. I add only the tiniest amount to my outer V and blend it out for a very sultry smoky look. It’ll turn a standard smoky eye to one that looks a lot more romantic and this pigment in this is insane. If you like experimenting with colours I would definitely recommend this shade.

Showtime / This is the only foiled eye shadow I picked up and it has convinced me I definitely need more. This has a more oil based consistency to it which means the pigment is far beyond any of the previous mentioned. This feels incredibly buttery and melts in your finger as you swatch. If you’re after amazing shimmery shades you need to have a look at their foiled range. This being burgundy in tone also goes amazingly with Bitten and Cherry Cola to finish off the look. I was blown away by this.

Vintage / A more purple based brown which I love adding to the crease for a very natural look. It is matte in formula and is again a fantastic performer. If you love keeping it natural with a slightly cool undertone, Vintage is one I’d recommend.

Corrupt / Move out Blackout from my Naked 2 Palette (which I always considered the blackest of black shade) Corrupt is stepping up the competition. If you want a true black, matte shade you need to pick this up. Although I don’t use this as much as the others, I like having a black shade in a palette so I don’t need to carry around my Naked 2. I feel like you can’t go wrong with a black in your kit, especially one that has such good pigmentation.

benefit eyeshadows

The eye shadow pans above the palette (above) are the Benefit eye shadows from the Goodies A Go-Go set I got a couple of Christmases ago. That said it is now available at Debenhams for just £13 here. I loved the eye shadows but the packaging of the Benefit product was too bulky and I put it to one side and when I got the Z palette I knew it was an opportunity to get them back out again. The shades are:

Call my Buff / A gorgeous shimmery highlight colour that I love using as a brow bone highlight or in my inner corner to make me appear more awake. I’ve used this a lot since de-potting them as it is so versatile and also love putting it all over my lid for an added bit of sparkle on the daily.

Gilt-y Pleasure / This is a very true to colour Gold and when I first got the set I wore this non stop! If you love warm eye looks you will love this plus it will look amazing on any skin tone. This is the shade out of all four I’ve used most and I reckon I’m not too far from pan.

Kiss Me I’m Tipsy / Who thinks of these names? Ha! I love adding this to my crease to make any look a little more smoked out. It is shimmery so may not be to everyone’s taste but none of my Makeup Geek eye shadows compare to this so I’m really happy with it making an entrance in my Z palette full of pretty neutral colours.

Thanks a Latte / This is a much cooler brown with silver undertones and it’s such a unique colour. This and Prom Night will go amazingly together for a cool, shimmery look. the shimmer is more subtle than the others making it a little more versatile but the colour itself feels so soft and creamy – I never thought to otherwise pick up Benefit eye shadows but would definitely recommend you check them out as they are amazing!

So there we have the current contents to my Z palette. The Palette itself is the Extra Large once available from beauty bay here for £20.95. It feels incredibly sturdy and looks so professional, I love it and I love building up my own palette including shades I know I’ll use. I love using my Zoeve En Taupe Eye Brushes (post found here) to apply my eye shadows as well as using my MAC 217 brush to blend them out.

Did you enjoy peering into my Z palette? What are your favourite eye shadow pans right now? Let me know!

Amy x

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