15 ways to stress less

Find ways to stress less is so important to help keep your cool, and make the right decisions. I decided to list 15 ways to stress less that I live by, in the hope it helps someone else out.

15 ways to stress less

1. Give in to that tub of Ben & Jerry’s and enjoy a good film on the sofa.
2. Go swimming; the feeling of being weightless and the relaxing atmosphere does wonders to the brain.
3. Put your favourite songs on and sing your heart out. *puts Taylor Swift 22 on repeat*
4. Get your craft on; from a DIY project to drawing, being arty relaxes you and you never know what you will make.
5. Go for a walk/jog. Getting fresh airs calms you down and takes your mind off the current stress.
6. Laugh out load. On your own or with friends; forcing yourself to laugh makes you super happy!
7. Talk to someone. It is true – “a problem shared, is a problem halved.”.
8. Look through old photos. Remembering when you were trouble-free works wonders.
9. Write down all your problems and throw it in the bin. It’s a type of therapy and really works.
10. Watch nostalgic programmes/films. Tracy Beaker on Netflix is making me remember childhood.
11. Take a break. Going somewhere new will refresh your mind completely.
12. Run a hot bath and stay in it for at least an hour. You’ll sleep well after and your muscles will relax.
13. Plan your tasks for days & fit in ‘me time’. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more in control.
14. Have an early night. Feeling overrun will never help. Shut off the world and chill.
15. Think positive. You can do it! Having a positive attitude will help your outlook tremendously.

Do you have any ways to stress less? What are your top tips?

Amy x


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