10 ways to fall asleep faster

I talk a lot about beauty products on my blog, but lets focus a little more on beauty sleep. I used to really struggle to fall asleep and have since realised tips and tricks I use to ensure a smoother nights rest. So continue reading if you’d like to hear my top ten ways to fall asleep faster.

ways to fall asleep faster

1. Have a routine / One of the habits I have developed since working is having somewhat of a routine that prepares my body for sleep that has proved valuable. I believe this tells my brain to begin to switch off and prepare to fall asleep. This includes having a skincare routine which calms me down and lets my body know it’s the end of the day.

2. Switch off devices / This feeds into the previous – power off devices at least an hour before you plan to fall asleep. I try to do this and my laptop and ipad might be shut down, I am guilty of using my phone, but the new ‘night mode’ feature is a god send as it reduced the blue and white light from the screen which can cause your brain to become more aware when you want it to become more relaxed. This is one of the best ways to fall asleep faster!

3. Lavender / There are so many types of oil products: oils, sprays and candles. Lavender can help you fall asleep quicker and how long you remain asleep. Don’t be fooled by expensive products, cheap ones do the same job just as effectively!

4. Hide the clock / I used to have an illuminated clock on my bed side table and as soon as I took that away, I found myself sleeping better. If I could see the time, I found that by staring at it made me more anxious that I wasn’t asleep. It may not be the miracle cure but I’d definitely recommend it from my experience.

5. Ensure the room is cool / My bedroom can get very hot, very quickly. I always ensure to cool it down before I go to sleep by opening a window so I’m not too hot to relax.

6. Breathing / No matter where you go to relax, the first thing they tell you to do is to breathe. It encourages you to chill out so forget counting sheep, control your breathing and you’ll find yourself falling asleep in no time.

7. Ensure the room is dark / Rich has lots of tech in the bedroom with lots of lights and I have to cover them to get to sleep. I even got black out curtains as I get very sensitive to light so I’d definitely say getting the room as dark as possible can improve your sleep.

8. Try not to nap / I am a strong believer that napping can screw up your sleeping routine. I only ever nap when I’m ill else I’ll struggle to sleep as I have already slept within the day. If you are a serial napper, don’t sleep longer than 30 minutes else your circadian rhythm will shift.

9. Exercise / Burning calories and being active int he day can encourage your body to want to shut down and want to relax. If you’ve eaten too much and have too much energy, your body can struggle to relax as it continues to try to burn energy as you’re in bed.

10. Don’t have caffeine too late / I always used to have a cup of tea before bed and found I’d struggle to sleep whereas now I try not to have any tea after 7pm. Caffeine has a purpose of making you more alert so the less caffeine in your body, the easier you’ll switch off when you go to bed.

I hope these ways to fall asleep faster tips and tricks help others, like they did me. What do you do to ensure you get lots of rest?

Amy x

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