Washing Makeup Brushes On A Budget

Cleaning makeup brushes is something we all do and all detest with a passion. Collecting tools to apply makeup with is very addictive but when it comes to washing all of the product out and removing bacteria, we cry. I’ve noticed a lot of brands selling brush cleaners for so much (in the region of £20) and my spine shivers as I am able to clean my brushes for less than £1 with a result of them being as white, clean and dense as when I first bought them. I’ve had a lot of people ask how I clean my brushes and so I decided there was nothing better than to write a post about just that. I hope you’re able to save yourself some money after reading this!

You Will Need:
– Baby Shampoo (any brand will do).
– Anti bacterial soap (optional)
– Flannel/Towel
– Dirty Brushes.

Step one:
Collect up all your dirty brushes.

washing makeup brushes under £1

Step Two:
Pour Baby Shampoo into the palm of your hand. I chose the My Little Star shampoo from Superdrug as it is chemical free – perfect for my brushes.

clean makeup brushes with baby shampoo

Step Three:
Now start running hot water from your tap and after brush is wet, swirl in the palm of your hand with the baby shampoo to condition and clean them. Keep doing this step until all the product is out of the brush (test by gently squeezing bristles and see no makeup coming from them). For a deep clean I will repeat this step with anti bacterial soap to ensure all bacteria has been removed. Continue with all brushes. Be careful not to get the bottom of the brush holder (where the bristles are glued in place) wet as this can loosen the glue and cause fall out.

how to wash makeup brushes

Step Four: 
Everyone has different methods of drying their brushes. You can leave them laying down to dry or stand them up again just to prevent any water seeping into the glue holding the bristles in place. Once dry I always wipe them with a towel which I finds help the bristles separate and expands the density of the brush. clean makeup brushes

And that’s it! My four easy steps in order to get your brushes looking like they did when bought new. Some people find that companies own brush cleaner may be good for a quick wipe and this deep condition for a less regular clean, but I’d rather clean them this way every 1/2 weeks as I hate the idea of bacteria harvesting on my makeup tools. Even a cheap brand from Superdrug has resulted in my brushes returning to being white, and no longer clogged with product. A very easy and affordable technique to keep your brushes lasting forever.

Do you use this technique of washing your brushes or have any tips and tricks you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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