Summer smells: Victoria Secret’s body mist

I’ve always adored the smell of the Victoria Secret’s body mist yet had never actually bought any myself, only admired it from those who wore it. That was until I received an exclusive email from Beauty Bay stating for a limited time only they had the body mists in stock and they were all around the £8 mark. I had to seize the oppotunity to grab them, as far as I’m aware the deal is now off and they are no longer in stock but my advice is to sign up to the Beauty Bay letter just as you not only find out about the current deals but also get sent email exclusive discount codes. I grabbed two from the range and I’m going to be talking about them now and how they make the best companion during this summery weather we seem to be having lately.

Victoria Secret's body mist

1. Mango Temptation.
I knew this had to be added this Victoria Secret’s body mist to my collection. I had smelt this previously and just fell in love. It smells like a really sweet mango with floral notes but not too sweet where it becomes overpowering. Personally, I think they’ve found the correct balance. I’ve seem to be reaching out for this one much more recently just as it is a perfect daytime scent and I’ve been receiving loads of compliments from people about how nice I smell, which is always a great feeling. This particular scent doesn’t not last particularly long, maybe one/two hours? but I just whack it in my bag, I can spritz myself up wherever I go. I know you can get perfume versions of these so if you’re looking for a longer lasting fragrance then that may be for you but this body mist is perfect for me, as you can see I’ve used so much of it already, as it is light and smelly so good. It reminds me of a body shop mist, but with a really unique blend of fragrances. I know this will remain a part of my collection for so long. If you want to grab your own, search it in ebay where I have discovered you can buy them for around £8 too.

victoria secret pure seduction

2. Pure Seduction.
This is actually my favourite out of the two although I had never smelt this before, I bought it on a whim. I use this left often than the Mango Temptation body mist as this smells like special occasions (I don’t know why) and for that reason I’m saving it for those type of events. This is less sweet than the mango  but still has a mix of fruit and floral that is just beautiful. My boyfriend loves this smell and so the name definitely lives up to its expectations. I’d say this lasts longer than the Mango Temptation spray too because the smell is a little more dense and only a few sprays lasts about three/four hours and so I have been really impressed with this in particular. Again this is available on ebay for around the £8 mark but seem to be sold out everywhere I visit online so I’ll be treasuring this one until I get to stock up. These are my first Victoria Secret’s Body Mist purchase and certainly won’t be my last for a smell that I know will be my go-to for spring/summer for this year and many more to come.

Have you tried a Victoria Secret’s Body Mist? What is your favourite? Let me know!

Amy x

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