Reasons I’m trying to save money (and failing…)

When you’re working and trying to save money, it often feels you like you don’t have much to show for your long hours. I decided to write a post to bring some motivation for those days to remind me on how rewarding it will be to achieve everything I need to save for, instead of caving and replacing my entire wardrobe every 3 months despite however tempting that will become. I’m a sucker for a sale sign or a brand new release but I know it is creating a dent in my bank balance so Amy, it’s time to get your priorities right and focus on what it is extremely important and no I’m not looking at you, cute button up denim skirt in New Look.

trying to save money

#1 | Learning To Drive.
This is something I have wanted to do since I was 17, however knowing I was moving to London for Uni, I knew I just couldn’t face taking a car when the underground and public transport is so frequent that would mean I’d be able to get anywhere so I waited. However, I vowed after Uni, learning to drive would be a priority. My desire to head back to Devon means returning to one bus per half an hour and the transport is limited so watch out road, I’ll be driving on you soon-ish.

#2 | Getting a Car.
So obviously once I’ve learnt I want to then get a car, insure it and MOT it ect. so I can be road ready as soon as I pass.

#3 | Have a Homely Flat/House.
With a move back to Devon in the future plan, I want to be able to save in order to be able to grab a flat/house that we love and kit it with all things that will make it as homely as possible. We have made our small London flat very welcoming and so we will have to do the same in a brand new home. I can’t wait to mix it all up!

#4 | Get a Pug.
I’m pug obsessed and so long as we have a home that will allow us to have pets then Rich has agreed we can get our very own pug! They are not cheap and I’d be sure to get a pedigree from a reliable breeder as well as pet insurance so it will be a large investment but WELL worth every penny I save to have my very own – I love them.

#5 | Travel.
I’d love to visit more places around the world. With a holiday approaching in October, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and love to visit more exciting places. Thailand, America, New Zealand – you name it, I want to see it!

#6 | Get a Macbook Pro.
I want to get into the marketing/PR industry and a reliable laptop that will last me years and years is going to be an investment I want to make. I know so many people with one and they vow they’re the best things since sliced bread plus having had my iPad for years without any hiccups I am really lusting over them and see them as something that will be a valuable tool in my career life after Uni. Do you have one? Let me know what you think of them!

I’m just a sucker for new clothes/make up/ candles ect. which makes saving so much harder than you think. Writing this post and made me really motivated to put my future a priority and I’ve deleted the Topshop, Zara and River Island App and lets hope I stop falling into temptation. It’s time to start being a responsible adult

Have you got plans in mind that mean you’re trying to save money? Or are you like me and really struggle to save?

Amy x


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