Too Faced chocolate bar palette first impressions

Can you believe I’ve added another brown-theme warm toned neutral eye palette to my collection? The hype of Too Faced chocolate bar palette has been real and I’m sure you’re reading this well aware of its existence, if you haven’t you may have been living under a rock. Seriously. Well I finally caved and I thought I’d let you know my first impressions of this seriously coveted palette.

too faced chocolate bar palette

Colours: The colour choices are versatile for any skin tone and will be a neutral girls dream with a few colours mixed in to satisfy any kind of craving. My favourites so far include: Milk Chocolate (the perfect transition shade to add depth and shadow to your eye), Cherry Cordial (a beautiful shimmery burgundy colour that works beautiful all over the lid) and Champagne Truffle (a natural looking highlight for under the brow bone, reflecting light with its slight shimmer). That said all of them, except the blue/purple shade called Candied Violet, are shades I’d wear on a daily basis.

Pigmentation: This is what is a standout for me about this palette for me. The 16 colours in the Too Faced chocolate bar palette are all well pigmented that I’d rate them more than my MAC shadows (I know that is a bold statement but I stand by my word). You need only the tiniest amount to build up and they blend out so evenly and quickly. In my option, this palette is one of the best quality I have so far in my collection and I have a whole draw full from a range of different brands. Too Faced have nailed this formula.

too faced chocolate bar palette review

Wear: These lasted all day for me, from 6am – 8pm these stayed on my lid with only the smallest fade that you’d expect for a few hours wear let alone over 14 hours. I am so impressed with how well Too Faced have produced this palette and I can’t seem to sing it enough praise.

Smell: As you have no doubt heard (and a little curious to know) is if these smell like chocolate considering they are infused with cocoa butter like the bronzers of the same collection. I expected this smell to be artificial which made me sceptical, but thankfully this smells like real cocoa instead of cheap chocolate. I have sensitive skin and the fragrance does not interfere with my skin at all.

Packaging: This is sturdy and compact which is all you need from a eye shadow palette in my opinion. I love chocolate and so the packaging is a fun gimmick, maybe not the most professional presentation but it’s fun and signals exactly what you get in the metal tin. I’d happily travel with this without fear of damage.

too faced chocolate bar palette review

To conclude, the Too Faced chocolate bar palette is an amazing palette I am so thankful I picked up. It takes a lot for an eye shadow palette to impress me as I have so many now especially under the umbrella of a warm neutral palette but this is something else and blows so many palettes I have out of the water. The quality is simply phenomenal and my only question is why I did not get it sooner. I love that it comes with suggested ‘how-to’ looks for beginners but a simple search in YouTube will show an infinite different looks to create. Now I can’t stop thinking about the need to try out the bronzers?!

If you’re reading this and don’t already have the Too Faced chocolate bar palette in your makeup collection I’d suggest you don’t hesitate any more.

Do you have this palette? What’s your favourite thing about it? Let me know in the comments below!

Amy x

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