Tips and Tricks For Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

I was speaking my friend just the other day about the wonders of motherhood and then we began discussing the sides of it that are a little less than wonderful; sleepless nights, and baby cries to name a couple of things. And for many new mums, hair loss can be one of the less-than-wonderful-things that comes along with new motherhood. The ‘post-pregnancy’ loss of hair can be quite shocking; for some it really can come out in clumps. But the good thing to remember that it is pretty common, and you will get your hair growing back, it isn’t permanent hair loss.

If you are a new mum and are experiencing a little hair loss, or are an expectant mother and want to be prepared for those early days, then here are some tips to help with the hair loss, tricks for styling your hair, as well as helping healthy hair regrowth.

Protein and Iron-Rich Foods

Being a new mum means having a balanced and varied diet, but it is never more needed than when you are experiencing hair loss. In fact, there are some foods like foods high in protein and some high in iron that can be a big help for hair loss. Protein-rich foods are things like eggs, fish, poultry, quinoa, lentils, and chickpeas. Foods that are rich in iron include red meat, spinach, almonds, and beetroot. You could even take a supplement to help, for example, propecia is used for hair loss and can be bought online. The bottom line is that there is a lot of choice of tasty food that can really help your hair to be nice and strong and grow back stronger even if some does fall out.

Wear Soft Hairstyles

When you have some hair growing back, you can have little tufts of hair around your hairline, for example. But there are some ways to wear your hair, though, that are going to help to soften the look as they grow out. You want to go for hairstyles that are less tension-fuelled hairstyles. Avoid tight, pulled back styles such as ponytails and top knots if you want to cover up any of the hair loss that you’ve had.

Blunt Hair Cut

When it comes to the rest of your hair and the cut that you want to have, opting for a slightly shorter and and heavier style can help hair to appear fuller and thicker. If you have a lot of layers and it is quite ‘wispy’ then any hair loss can make your hair look even thinner or even straggly. Blunt edged bobs are a good look if you are looking for a new style. You might even find that a style like this is much more manageable once you have a newborn to care for too. Blunt cuts are also a great way to give longer styles the look of extra ‘weight’ as well.

Volumising Shampoo

If you want to make your hair look fuller and more bouncy than it really is, and prevent roots from falling flat, then a volumising shampoo can make such a difference. There are so many out there on the market at the moment, and they really make a noticeable lift to your hair that doesn’t weigh hair down, not to mention helping with keeping the hair hydrated too. When looking for a volumising shampoo, look for ones that contain minerals like deep sea water and Himalayan crystals; these leave hair feeling full and look healthier.

Gentle Hair Brush

There can be so many changes that we get with our bodies when we become mothers, and one of them is that our hair can be left feeling a little brittle after pregnancy. And if you get a dreaded ‘snap’ when you’re brushing your hair, it isn’t one that you really want to hear. So in order to help reduce the snap, it is a good idea to brush your hair gently, as well as looking for a hairbrush that will help to prevent unwanted snags. The Wet Brush Pro is a pretty good choice, especially for when you’re fresh out of the shower.

Basically, you just need to take extra care with yourself after you have had a baby. It won’t be long before you are feeling back to yourself and your hair is back to it’s glossy and thick self. If you can also manage a cheeky head massage, then that can work some wonders too.

Do you any extra tips to share? Is this something you have experienced?

Amy x

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