10 Things People That Only Wear Black Understand

Wearing black is something I do all too often, in fact, I’d even admit 90% of my wardrobe consists of black items. With this many items, I’ve become aware more and more about how wearing black has changed the way I think about things and the way I act around colour. Thus, the inspiration for this post, 10 things people that only wear black understand.. 10 things people who wear only black understand

#1) When you refine your online shopping searches by the colour black before size. It’s gone far beyond the need of a LBD, now everything has to be black to match everything else. Night out? Loungewear? Underwear? It really doesn’t matter – so long as it is black.

#2) Your friends have stopped asking what you’re going to wear. Why? Because they sure as hell know it’s going to be black and there is nothing they can do to change your mind.

#3) Forget fifty shades of grey, there are fifty shades of black and there is nothing as distressing and working out what black ensemble you’re going to wear to realise the shades of black are ever so slightly different and you have to re-evaluate the whole outfit. There’s black-black, grey-black, dusky-black, light-black (the list goes on..).

#4) Looking in your wardrobe for a specific item takes five times as long because everything looks pretty much exactly the same and you have to take every item out to see what it is.

#5) You don’t need to worry about foundation/other makeup marks on your clothes! Unlike white, black is the best at hiding marks/dirt/food. well that’s true until you get a Kebab after a night out and you drop mayo on your outfit.. not a good look at all (fyi: personal experience).

#6) You can genuinely get away with wearing the same jeans/skirt/top days in a row. No-body has to know you’re on day 5 of your Topshop Joni Jeans because all of your clothes look the same no-one has a reason to suspect. Jokes on them, really..

#7) People have stopped making jokes about your colour choice. They’ve told you that you’re ready for a funeral months ago but now they’ve grown to accept that you’ll never change.

#8) “Does this come in black?” is your most common phrase when out shopping, and if it doesn’t your heart sinks into the ground. Everything should be made in black.

#9) Going from one event to another without changing is no problem-o. Black is so versatile that it will get you through everything from work, to shopping, to meeting friends to going out all in the same attire. I’d say that’s some kind of genius!

#10) Having an occasion that requires an outfit of colour fills you with total dread. This is not okay. Wedding? Summer BBQ? Prom? I’m sorry but if I can’t wear black, I will try not to make it.

How many of these points are you guilty of? Do you have anything else to add? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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