Things I’ve Learnt From A Long Distance Relationship…

Recently I’ve moved back to Devon, ending the long distance relationship my boyfriend and I have had to have over the past few months. I’ve learnt a lot from this time apart and I wanted to share the pros and cons of it as I know when I was approaching Uni I thought we would have to do it over three years and I know many of you are going to be in a very similar position so I thought I’d shed light on my experience in the hope it helps yours too…

Pros and Cons of a long distance relationship

The Pros

#1) I suddenly learnt a lot more about myself as I became  a lot more independent.

#2) The amount of free time meant I spent a lot more time with my friends and going out with work a little more and I had some really enjoyable evenings that have been very spare of the moment.

#3) When we did see each other you didn’t take a single minute for granted and did a lot more than you usually would to maximise quality time together.

#4) Knowing it’s not forever – whether it’s a month or four years, time will pass, I can’t believe I’ve already finished Uni. Does not feel real!

#5) The surprises – Rich sent a surprise flower delivery to the flat when I was feeling a little down and they meant more than anything. Definitely the best gift he has ever sent me as it was a constant reminder he is there always looking out for me and knew how to brighten my day.

#6) Those secret shopping trips and deliveries they’ll never know about – “This dress? Nooooo.. I’ve had it years

#7) You can be so much lazier. I’m so guilty of this. Currently typing this up at mid day and I’m in bed, just saying.

#8) Filming for Youtube is so easy, I feel like with someone up and about it’ll make it a little more awkward to start filming. That said, Rich sleeps in the day and works at night so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

#9) I had the TV to myself – that means I was allowed to watch TOWIE, Bridget Jones and any other films/programmes he refused to watch with me.

#10) It makes you realise you can’t live without them and that’s a very important thing to know in order to progress your relationship.

surviving a long distance relationship

The Cons

#1) The only communication being text, phone and the occasional facetime has been tough especially when all you want at the end of the day is a massive hug.

#2) I’m a messy person, I admit it, and Rich was very clean. Coming back to a flat in the state I left it took a while to get used too.

#3) You over think everything e.g. –  “He was last seen at this time, he hasn’t messaged me? Have I done something wrong?”

#4) Now knowing what to do when things he would sort go wrong. For me it was when a light bulb blew, smoke alarm started running low on battery’s, the hoover stopped working and my laptop had a melt down.

#5) Time goes so slowly between seeing each other! It’s been a month since I last saw Rich and it has been the longest month ever.

#6) When he was feeling down or ill or anything of the sort I couldn’t do anything to help. Distance can make you feel pretty useless in times like that. That was really hard.

#7) When you’re used to sleeping beside someone every night it becomes impossible to sleep. This may not apply to every circumstance but my sleeping pattern has been wrecked over the past few months.

#8) Now living with someone to going long distance is hard as there is no-one to talk too at home. If you’re going to Uni Halls or shared accommodation this shouldn’t affect you but I found it very lonely going from having him always there to never there. Someone to always talk to about your day and such to trying to squeeze it all into a phone call was so weird to adjust too.

#9) Them being away makes you feel even more homesick than usual.

#10) You’ll constantly be checking your phone – it made me a little bit mad, like when you’re first with someone and have to plan when to reply and how to word it all.


long distance relationship help

Haaving to begin a long distance relationship can be very scary, we had prepared to do so for the three years of when I was at Uni until Rich decided to move to London with me. Much like going to the dentist or the doctors, the anticipation of it is actually worse than the experience. Granted, it was not my favourite thing in the world and I certainly don’t want to have to do it again. BUT, it’s not all negative and much like any experience in life, don’t let it hold you back and take the positives from it – if it’s meant to be, you’ll get through absolutely anything together.

Are you about to enter a long distance relationship or have any Pros/Cons you’d like to add? Let us all know in the comments as I’d love to know about other peoples experiences!

Amy x

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