The body jewellery shop haul

I’m a magpie when it comes to jewellery so I apologise for the second jewellery post this week but I’m very excited to share with you my new goodies from; these were far too cute and gorgeous to not write about as soon as possible. I have had products from before and loved the quality of the products and knew I had to stock up ready for summer. So I’ll quit my rambling and show you the new additions to my jewellery collection…

1. Daisy Tragus Stud | £3.95

body jewellery daisy tragus bar

Following my dissapointment with the tragus bar in my last post, I was eager to try out a very similar daisy-style tragus bar ready for the summer. This arrived and was very gorgeous, a very small and delicate flower with a clear crystal in the centre of the flower. Really gorgeous! It was the perfect size for my tragus too! You can get it in any size in order to fit your piercing plus they’ll price match, so if you find the product cheaper elsewhere they’ll reduce their accordingly. High quality and affordable? Perfect.

2. Feather Tragus Bar | £2.95.

body jewellery feather tragus bar

feather tragus bar

I don’t usually pick two tragus bars up at the same time but how adorable is this? Oh so cute! What I love about this is that it does not necisarily have to be worn in your tragus, it can be worn in a lip piercing or just an ordinary ear peircing as its so delicate! I really love this and when worn, lots of people complimented the jewellery and I just love how cute this is!

3. Two Ring Ear Cuff | £1.99.

body jewellery ear cuff

Since last year, I have adored ear cuffs and had yet to own one myself until now. I saw this beautiful yet delicate two ring silver ear cuff and had to add it to my collection! I have several piercings on my left ear (two lobe piercings, scaffolding and tragus) yet only lobe piercings on my right ear so I really wanted this to balance out my right ear and I certainly was not disappointed. This is perfect for the summer and is a great way to add bling, without going through any kind of pain. This can cuff on the top/side of the ear and remains in place all day. They come in silver and gold and will suit anyone at all!

I love  jewellery for my peircings and always trust them with any kind of peircing I may have. Their collections on their website from ear peircings to nose studs to tongue bars are all stunning and if you have a I recommend you take a look at their website here as you won’t be disappointed.

Do you love any of the items I have picked up? I’m thinking about getting my tongue peirced – has anyone got theirs done and can give me some advice? I’d really appreciate it

Amy x

*these products were sent to me in exchange for a review however all opinions are my own, click here to see my full disclaimer.
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