The Melt Crowd January ’16

Looking for a new year subscription box? Then the Melt Crowd is for you! Every month I rave about how great value this box is, for £10 you get 8 wax melts and this attitude has not changed. This month however has seen a few melts I’m not the biggest fan of, but let me talk you through what’s in this months box as there are a few new releases that may be of interest to many of you. I’m saving all those that are not to my taste to gift to my mum who I know will love them, as what one may not like another will love.

The Melt Crowd January '16

january melt crowd

So lets talk about the scents included in this months box:

BARE Orange & Lemongrass / Part of the new released ‘essential oil’ range, this is my favourite scent of the box. Citrus is my favourite type of smell and if you love fruity scents you will love this – it is divine! Very excited to burn this.

Coconut / … and my least favourite from the box. The smell of Coconut reminds me of Malibu which I haven’t been able to drink since my Year 11 Prom. Ew.

BARE Cinnamon & Mandarin / Another from their 100% essential oil range. It is really overwhelming but the type I’m sure will burn much more subtly. The Mandarin notes vanish quite quickly and the spicy Cinnamon overpowers the smell. I have many cinnamon candles so I will be interested to see how this compares.

Strawberry Jam / Yummmmyy. This smells like real strawberrys (none of this synthetic smells here). I’m sure any strawberry candle is comparable but as a fruity lover, this is a winner in my books – simplicity is key.

Baby Powder / This is a very fresh smell that has a tac powder scent which I love. It’s a very light smell, especially compared to other dominating scents in this months box, but I love it probably over many others. Very excited to burn this one in my new Yankee Candle Wax Burner (as the one I got with my first subscription box with Flamingo Candles burnt a little!).

Crystal Mountain Water / This is another light yet wonderful smell. It’s again a very clean scent perfectly to burn whilst you’re having a bath or generally in the bathroom but I can’t imagine anyone disliking this.

Whisky / I’m very undecided on this one. It’s not very strong but it does smell very masculine, like a very subtle aftershave. It’s not one I would have picked out myself but I’m all out for trying it, even just to see if Rich approves.

Pink Denim / This is a very floral smell, one which is very uplifting. This has got me wishing it was Spring already as it’s very subtle but right up my street.

january melt crowd 2016

The excitement of receiving the Melt Crowd Box is still real. I’m addicted to candles/melts (seriously, the top of my wardrobe has an army of them) but the quality of Flamingo Candle melts are phenomenal and I’m not stopping anytime soon! I’m very intrigued by the BARE range and can’t wait to try them out! Flamingo Candles has a huge sale on at the moment on their website, you can use SALE25 to get 25% off any products that aren’t. (You’re welcome lovelies!).

What did you think of the January Melt Box? Let me know!

Amy x

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