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Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth? I know I’ve spent an absolute fortune in the pursuit of perfect teeth and until now I feel like I’ve taken one step forward and then another step back. I’ve wanted to try a professional whitening kit but with a student budget it just wasn’t going to happen, until I spoke with the guys at Smile Brilliant who offered me the opportunity to review their kit and I was so excited to try it and see if my quest for whiter, brighter teeth was achievable. Having seeing one of my favourite Vloggers, Danielle Mansutti, review the product here  I knew I just had to try it seeing her fantastic results – stay tuned to see if I think you can notice a difference after use.

smile brilliant teeth whitening review

Creating my Personalised Trays:

So at first I was sent a kit in order to make the tray for your teeth. This means that the whitening gel will encase in the tray to ensure precise application and the product encases itself around the teeth. This makes such a difference between professional kits and cheaper brands – the personalisation of the experience. I received my moulding kit and by mixing blue and white mixture and setting my teeth into the mould in order to create my personalised trays, I was able to send them back to America where my trays were created and send back to me to use. All the instructions are sent with the product and are really easy to create; whats better, if you’re unsure you can email the guys at Smile Brilliant and check they are good enough for them to make your trays. You are sent multiple different mixes, so don’t worry about messing the process up!

smile brilliant moulds

The process took a little longer as I am in the UK, but any american folk could expect a much quicker service, but this was something I was happy to wait for and I was just so excited to try the kit out.

Receiving my Trays:

I couldn’t believe you was sent the mould of your teeth that the trays were created from, it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, but the trays of your teeth fit perfectly. The trays are to be treated with extreme care to preserve how long they last but you can choose to order another set when you buy the whitening kit if you think you’re hard wearing.

smile brilliant teeth impressions

Using the Whitening Kit:

smile brilliant teeth whitening

So the kit comes with both the Whitening Serum as well as desensitizing gel. Desensitizing gel is great if you have sensitive teeth but I recommend those who don’t to use it anyway because I have never experienced symptoms of hyper-sensitization yet my teeth did become really sensitive when using the whitening gel so my advice is to always use it to prime your teeth beforehand. By following the instructions I used the whitening gel and had it on for a maximum of 45 minutes. After my first application I noticed a slight difference, whitening some of the yellow staines I had on my teeth. It’s not only until you push for whiter teeth do you notice how off-white they were originally. In total I used the product over 10 times with a couple of tubes of the whitening gel still left. I did the treatment once/twice a week as I didn’t want to make my teeth too sensitive by the process and would suggest if you want to use the products more often, consult your dentist to ensure your teeth will react well to the products.


smile brilliant teeth whitening results

I would talk about the differences, but just look at the differences? Oh my gosh I’m so impressed! In the world of teeth whitening you certainly get what you pay for and the quality of Smile Brilliant’s kit is so amazing! I couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone looking for a teeth whitening product for quick results. Gone are my yellow stains and they have been replaced with much brighter, whiter smile. I still have plenty of product left and can’t wait to see the further improvement they make to my teeth so keep posted on my social media platforms to check them out.

So there we have it, a whitening product that certainly delivers high quality results! Want to find out more? Why not check out their website here where you can find out more about their whitening products available and the best kit for you!

Have you tried any whitening products? Or want to give this kit a go? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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