Taking Time Away From Blogging is Important

If, like me, you have a blog, you’re bound to spend a lot of the time you’re online looking after it, adding interesting and informative posts that will encourage ever greater numbers of readers to follow your blog. But, being an online blogger doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time online focusing only on your own blog. If you did, you’d probably end up feeling that you weren’t adding anything new to your creation anyway. While it’s important to maintain your blog on a regular basis – to give your readers a reason to keep checking in – you also need to spend some of your time online doing other things. So what can you do when you reach a blogging mental block? I’ve got some ideas on how to unwind from blogging that will ultimately help to inspire and encourage further creativity for your own personal space online!

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Unwind with some games

Everyone needs to have some downtime now and then, and if you’re feeling stuck in a rut when you’ve sat down to write a post for your blog, playing a few games is a perfect way to clear your head and get some distraction. After five or ten minutes of gaming fun, you’ll get your writing focus back again. With a boyfriend that seems attatched to a game at any time of the day, it has rubbed off on me.

The best games for these times are those that don’t require any concentration and allow you to simply zone out while you play. Playing any of the bingo games at bgo bingo will do just that, as the software does all the marking of your cards for you, so the game requires  literally no effort at all. If you’re a beginner it’s a good idea to head to the free bgo bingo rooms such as ‘Crown Jewels’, ‘Beginner’s Luck’ and ‘Extra Bingo!’ to learn how to play before you join in any of the bigger jackpot games. It’s not just bgo that offers free games; New Look Bingo offers its players free bingo tournaments daily, for example.

With the added social aspect of online bingo gaming, you may find that you hit on some new ideas for your blog whilst chatting with other players. If you’re new to bingo chat, read Costa Bingo’s bingo lingo page so you get a handle on the jargon and you’ll be able to build up a whole new social network at the same time as having some bingo fun.

Follow your other passions online
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While you may love being a blogger, you need to make sure it’s not the only interest that you have, otherwise your blogging subject matter will diminish and it’ll stop being an interesting read for others. Think about other interests and hobbies that you have – perhaps you’ve already written about them on your blog? You can enjoy certain aspects of those other hobbies online too. For instance, if you have an artistic bent, you can perfect your drawing skills through online tutorials.

The best blogs are those that come from the heart, where you write about the things you’re passionate about. Share those interests and passions with others through your blog, but don’t devote so much of your online time to it that you lose sight of the other things in life that you’re interested in. Mix it up and write about new things, this draws me to so many blogs as it feels more personal.

Take yourself offline occasionally


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Today, nearly everyone stays online in one form or another pretty much constantly, but the old saying still stands true – you can have too much of a good thing. When we all have our phones at hand, it’s all too easy to keep checking on different accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin; and never to any separation from the online world. It’s worth making a conscious decision to be ‘unplugged’ for an hour a day and to enjoy some real life experiences – go for a walk in the park, lie down on the grass and watch the clouds above you for a bit. Whatever you need to look up online will still be there later; and though it may be hard at first to adjust to being ‘switched off’ for an hour, you’ll soon come to appreciate that daily offline break. I always try to incorporate this into my bed time routine which in turn helps me sleep so much better as a result so it benefits me in more ways than one. Especially now I’ve got a job that requires sitting in front of two monitors all day, this hasn’t been more relevant.

Do you have any tips to help you unwind yet keep inspired that is away from blogging? Let us know in the comments!

Amy x

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