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essie summer 2016

The summer is definitely here, even if British weather is trying to tell us other wise. With this in mind, when I was looking for a nail polish all of my collection compromised of only dark, autumnal colours. With this in mind, I was eager to try out Essie polishes for the first time and I’m not quite sure why I hadn’t before now. I thought I’d share with you the new colours in my collection from Essie as well as my thoughts on them so far.

 essie romper room

Romper Room / This is a gorgeous pale rose pink shade that looks absolutely stylish. For me, the infamous Fiji shade washed out my pale skin terribly and actually looked a little tacky when I tried it previously but this is off-white enough to get the same look but with stronger pink tones just to prevent that from happening. This is subtle but obvious enough to make your nails look gorgeous.

essie ignite the night

Ignite the Night / I’m not sure what it is about silver glitter polish but whenever I pick up new colours from a new range, I gravitate towards this type of colour. It’s dramatic and extremely opaque. It is fully packed with glitter and I’ve used this both on all of my nails and just on my accent nail for a little bit of drama to a nail look. I’d say you need at least two coats to get this to its maximum potential. Unfortunately, this has chipped a lot on my natural nails when wearing it but when applied to fake nails it sits for 1-2 weeks without chips.

essie miss fancy pantsMiss Fancy Pants / I’ve been obsessing over grey/being (or ‘greige’) nail polishes this spring and new I had to add some to my collection for the upcoming months. This did apply slightly darker on the nails than in the tube but nonetheless it is a fantastic, versatile colour perfect for any look. I love using shades like this as an alternative nude nail. This is particularly streak free and opaque after two coats, and again I found they lasted longer on fake nails but this did out perform the glittery shade above, which took me by surprise.

essie take it outside

Take it Outside / This is very similar to the above shade, although I’d say this is more of a taupe when applied directly to the nails. This felt particularly smooth as a polish and if it could be almost buttery then this would be it. This was the longest lasting on my natural nails and did not chip at all on my fake enhancements for two weeks. This is definitely one of my favourite shades from this mini haul.

essie urban jungle

Urban Jungle / I love the combination of pink, grey and nude in this polish. This would work really well as a base colour to dramatise any other colour or as another off-white for your collection. Because it is a little more pale, it does need a third coat to ensure it is as opaque as possible, but this could very on personal preference. Really lovely colour either way which will look great to enhance a tan this summer (if the sun even decides to come out).

essie spin the bottle

Spin the Bottle / This polish is a rose nude, applying much more sheer than the colour looks in the bottle. I loved the look of this as it appeared peach-y in some lights and pink in others. I definitely want to pick up a matte top coat for this as I think it’ll give it a softer appearance again. I’m obsessing over pastel/nude shades this year and this colour is perfect so many looks.

With Essie polishes available at £7.99 in Superdrug and Boots stores and online, they are definitely alongside the high end scale. On my natural nails I have to admit, I’m a little disappointing by the longevity of them as they chipped quickly and I didn’t notice any different between these and the MUA ones I have that are available at £1 in Superdrug. That said, I often wear fake nails that are plain and decorate them to my preference. Now, this is when these shades come to life. I got two weeks wear out of most of the above without a single chip. That is not to say this is how all nails will respond to these, but I think my nails hate varnish applied straight to them. At £7.99 each, I thought they would do better, but the shades are perfect for the summer and I mostly wear fake nails so I can’t complain all that much.

Which are your favourite shades by Essie and do you have any tips on how to get them to last longer? Let me know!

Amy x



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