Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo review

You all know I’m a haircare fanatic, when I saw this new Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo with activated charcoal I couldn’t help but get excited. Charcoal is known for having so many beneficial qualities to the skin, so trying it on my hair was going to be a lot of fun!

Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo

I’ve been using this shampoo once a week for a deep cleanse to my hair and scalp. The activated charcoal powder gently removes and eliminates oils, impurities and product residue that hair can build up. Having built up product and oil in your hair can cause dry, dull, dry, limp or discoloured hair – not a good look! I found this to be so different to other shampoos I have tried recently as you could almost feel it getting to work. After washing out (and treating it like a masque than a shampoo really) I noticed my hair had more volume to it and looked a lot more moisturised.

This Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo also doesn’t contain any SLS, SLES or sulfates so it works gently on the hair, and doesn’t cause a harsh reaction which my hair can be particularly sensitive to after years of bleaching and dying it to hell (no regrets.)

After numerous uses as a masque, the Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo has helped to minimise breakage to my hair which is no short of a miracle as I get split ends after walking out of the hairdresser I swear. It’s also become a lot easier to style, with this being the only product I’ve changed in my haircare routine, I’m sure the lack of build up in my hair means it’s not being weighed down so is more likely to hold a curl.

I love commenting on more hair related products that are on the market, and I genuinely believe hair does show a considerable difference when you invest in quality products – just like your face reacts well to skincare products.

This Style Sexy detox shampoo definitely gets a massive thumbs up from me! Style Sexy Hair is not a brand I’ve heard a lot about, so I’m very interested in trying out more of their products after having such a positive experience with this shampoo. I also can’t wait to see more charcoal products on the market, as I feel like this is the start of a new haircare phase that will provide so many benefits. You can buy the Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo here.

What do you think about the Style Sexy Hair detox shampoo? Let me know.

Amy x

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