How To Have a Spa Day Without Spending Much.

What with my LUSH haul in my last post, my pamper evening have become a somewhat spa-like experience with the concoction of amazing products to help unwind the body and mind after a busy day. So for today’s post, I have partnered up with Dealslands showing you just how easy it is to experience a real spa on a low budget, as we are all in need of some well deserved TLC. These tips would be great for after Christmas, once the stress of hosting this years family Christmas is off or just to unwind after all that last minute shopping. Everyone loves some pamper time, so check out these top tips on ensuring it doesn’t break the bank.

How to have a spa day without spending much

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Check out Beauty Schools/Students .
Look out for beauty schools as I know many of my friends on beauty courses that offer their services at a discounted rate whether this be in order to be monitored at college as part of an assessment (same treatment, at least 75% cheaper) or just to get in some experience before they work professionally at a spa to build up their own portfolio. Okay so a college environment may not be the tranquil spa we image, but when you close your eyes you’ll be surprised how relaxing the experience is, for a much cheaper rate. With my friends, I get even better deals than the college recommends them as you’re helping them out, so be sure to check your friends and family to see if anyone needs your help!

Look out for weekday deals!
It’s known the weekends are the most popular times for people to visit spas, whereas the middle pf the week remains extremely quiet, encouraging the owners to give discounts to treatments at these times. So if you are able to be flexible, consider a Wednesday the new Weekend and your spa day will be considerably cheaper. Simply sign up to email alerts for your favourite/nearest spas and wait for the discounts to come to you!

Get on Wowcher/Groupon (apps and websites are AMAZING!)
Probably two of my most visited apps on my new phone, sites like Groupon offer crazy reduced prices all in the palm of your hand. I went to The Circle Spa in Southwark, London with my Aunt a few months ago and it cost us £109 for the two of us, Wowcher was offering the same thing for £69 – total steal! Wahanda Vouchers is also brilliant, so if you haven’t really heard of it, have a look, you get £10 off any booking over £25! Newspapers and Magazines are also good, but I find the best deals are on these apps, plus they’re free to sign up too.

Attend the Events you are Invited Too.
This applies to us bloggers amazingly but equally I’m sure many people have been invited to a Body Shop or Avon party before and quickly declined. My last Body Shop party was amazing; we tried a new foot soak treatment by all bathing our feet into warm water with the new released product and also received a foot massage by the host to show off the new foot scrub in their range. She then offered us exclusive discounts even better than the shops, which left we with a new body butter for my collection at around 40% off. Hosts also discuss new tips and tricks all in the comfort of their or your home, performing facials and playing funny games for free. Blogging events often have goodie bags and competitions well worth attending for too! Couldn’t recommend them enough, plus you get to meet so many new people and form great friendships. I really want to go to a Lush Event, they look amazing!

So there we have our top tips on pampering yourself without spending much! Dealsland offer discounts not just on spas and salons, but also on your most loved shops, so be sure to check them out, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll begin to save!

Do you have any top tips to add? What’s your favourite spa treatment? Let me know!

Amy x

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