So you’re considering starting a blog?

So you’re thinking of starting your own blog but not too sure if it is for you? I’m sure 9 out of 10 bloggers today had that period before taking the plunge where questioning if they’ll a) be any good at it b) will be committed enough and c) if anyone will actually read what they have to say. These are common questions and I hope my post will help you decide if starting a blog is best for you and how to go about it the right way. I still consider myself as a newbie within the blogosphere but have learnt an awful lot during my experience that I hope can shed more light on your unanswered questions.

Note: these are based upon my own experiences and I’m by no-means saying everyone is the same, but if my experience can help someone else then I’d be overjoyed.

how to start your own blog

1. Have Passion.
For me this is probably key! I blog but am also an avid blog reader myself and it is ridiculously easy to identify those who have a genuine passion for the topic/product/cause they are blogging about and those who are blogging “because they have too.” Find topics that you love; don’t write about beauty just because Zoella did and she’s big, if you’ve got no interest in beauty topics.

2. Have Patience.
Like I said, I still consider myself a ‘newbie’ amongst other blogs out there. Having started up in September, my following has grown and I have a bunch of lovely readers who I adore but this does not come overnight so don’t be disheartened if one day your blog gets 90+ views and other day it peaks at 15 – slow and steady remember. I’m horrified to find out so many bloggers ‘buy’ followers to fake success but this only cheats yourself – get involved in twitter chats, comment on other blogs and go to blogging events – in time you’ll grow bigger than you expected.

3. Be careful with PR.
I say this as not long after I began blogging I started to get contacted by PR’s for companies regarding sending me their product in exchange for a review on my blog. This can be a real confidence-booster but be extremely careful that the product they are offering fits with the theme of your blog – if you take every free product you are offered then your blog will go off on a tangent and the loyal followers you have gained will become disinterested in what has now become a marketing platform. I am very particular about the product I accept and certainly decline more than I accept but this is not a bad thing; be firm with yourself and true to your blog.

4. Social Media is your Friend.
First off when creating my blog I created social platforms specific to it which I recommend you all do too (i.e. I can keep personal friends in one account and my blogging buddies in another and not spam each other with irrelevant tweets). Social Media is free, worldwide advertising and is really great to get traffic to your blog – get involved in blogger chats on twitter (yes they exist) and promote posts but again, be careful not too spam (there is a difference). This is how I’ve met many of my blogging friends and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

5. Be Consistent.
There is no rule on how many times you should blog; some blog everyday and that works for them and others blog once every week/fortnight and that is again okay – you need to find what works for you and stick to it. Don’t worry yourself over blogging as that disengages you with the enjoyment of it (relating to point 1) – let your followers know when to check back on you – being super inconsistent can lessen traffic and followers.

6. Do Research.
Now I don’t mean this in a dreaded way – but if you’re writing a fashion blog then be on top of fashion trends, or read magazines or keep an eye out on what shops have to offer in the new season. Aim to create content that isn’t already out there to get audiences really engaged in what you have to offer.

7. Layout.
You know what first impressions are like in real life and a blog is no different; pay particular attention to your layout. If your personality is eccentric and you want your blog to convey this then a jungle of colours may be great for you, but if you want a simplistic blog that is easy to navigate then go for a colour scheme and keep it simple. Be unique but be sure it doesn’t put people off.

My ultimate advice is, “just go for it!” – you never know until you try. I am one of the most least-confident people I know and I have never looked back on beginning my blog. The people you meet and the opportunities to be had are fantastic and it is a really great platform to be creative and have an opinion. The blogging community is one of the greatest ones to be involved in and we will welcome you with open arms so give it a shot and you may just love it!

Are you looking to start a blog or have any more points to add to the list? Comment and let me know!

Amy x


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