Snowcrystal Cosmetics Review

I’m very excited to bring you this Snowcrystal Cosmetics Review as I’ve been testing out these products since early January 2019 after Indulge Beauty sent me a collection of their new products and through trying them for almost two months I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all.

Note: The products included in this Snowcrystal Cosmetics Review have been gifted to me in exchange for an honest review, please see my full disclaimer for more information.

Powder and Highlight Duo

This has been my favourite product of all so I thought I’d start with it as it has taught me a new beauty trick that I’ve been obsessed with so far in 2019 – mixing the powder with a touch of highlighter for a faux glow. This double compact includes a face powder and a subtle highlight that work beautifully individually as well together. I’m a face powder connoisseur and have to say the powder has a strong hold and helps to keep my base in place for over eight hours without touch-ups. the highlighter on its own is subtle, which if you’re looking for a natural glow is great but as mentioned, these two together work a treat. The powder is in the shade Rime and the highlighter is in Frost and you can see the colour difference in the swatch above. The powder adds slight coverage too and will be a great match for any other fair skinned girls like me.

Eyeshadow Compact

The next product is the Eyeshadow Compact in the shade W1 which includes a highlight white shade, a transition brown, a deeper brown, a khaki green and burgundy shade.  Whilst it may be a more appropriate palette for autumn/winter, it is a perfect choice for warm-toned lovers. I have had mixed experiences with this one as it retail for £40.75 and therefore I can’t help to compare the quality with other palettes on the market that are a similar price. First off, all but one shade has a high-intensity pigment and all shades feel buttery smooth. My favourite shade combinations are a mix of the white highlight in the inner corner, the transition brown in the crease and then the burgundy all over for a quick eye look. However, the khaki green is inconsistent to the rest of the colours in all honesty. It can be built up but it does require more work than the others which feels disappointing for the price point.

Blusher and Bronzer Duo

The final product to mention in this Snowcrystal Cosmetics Review is this duo of blush and bronzer, both of which are matte in finish. The blush is a soft pink with coral undertones, it looks natural on my complexion and will look beautiful throughout spring and summer. The bronzer shifts more warm than neutral on the skin so I’ve been using this to bronze my face but not contouring. These both have lasted all day long on my skin and don’t need too much work to blend out. The bronzer is slightly more pigmented than the blush however I prefer that as it means you can build the blush up to your preference. Combined with the powder compact, these melt into the skin as apposed to sitting on top.

Customisable Palettes

This is what sets Snowcrystal Cosmetics aside from other brands; all of their palettes can be interchanged and customised to your preference. All palettes are magnetised so you can pop the pans in and out to create your dream combinations which is great if you travel often and look to streamline your collection on the road. They’re really easy to change up and as well as the powder products above, they also do compact foundations which I really want to try next. Again, it makes it much easier to travel with a foundation and powder in one small compact. This USP is also why they are called Snowcrystal as the idea is that you can create your own unique mix of products and no to palettes should be the same.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Snowcrystal Cosmetics Review and it has helped you decide if this is a brand to try next on your beauty journey. I was really impressed with the products for sure but find the price point is just slightly too high for what you get. That said, the ability to change your compacts to suit your preference is awesome; you can buy empty eyeshadow and powder compacts which will also reduce the waste in your makeup collection of shades you might not really gravitate towards.

Pick up Snowcrystal cosmetics from Indulge Beauty with prices starting from £13.25.

Amy x