Scent Addict Subscription Service

I’ve seen so many of these fragrance subscription services available on the market recently which I think is just the best idea as you often get to choose from a range of high-end perfumes and you get a sample large enough to last you for 30 days (8ml) and then you can choose a different scent every month and the Scent Addict Subscription Service is no different. Scent Addict is owned by The Fragrance Shop which I’m sure you’re all well aware of, but the beauty of their service is that it is only £12 a month but you can then use that to get £12 a larger bottle if you find a fragrance you can’t live without. Excited to try their service, I picked out three different scents.

Scent Addict Subscription Service

The difficulty is choosing which scents to try out because they have such a large range of different fragrances available. I the end I went with: Georgio Armani Si Intense, Marc Jacobs Decadence and Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. This is equivalent to a three-month subscription.

All three scents are ones I’ve never tried before but there’s a reason why I chose these three over the others available. First up, Georgio Armani Si Intense. The Si Perfume is my all time favourite smell but I have never tried the intense version. For Christmas, I am going to ask Rich to get me a large-sized perfume so I wanted to see if this is better than the original. I then went with Marc Jacobs Decadence purely based on the fact I always see this perfume in airports and always tempted to pick it up due to the luxe packaging but I don’t actually think I have ever tried it before. I then went with the Tom Ford Orchid Soleil as it’s Tom Ford and it’s one of their most iconic scents and I’ve never even smelt it before so curiosity got the better of me on this. This is the beauty of the subscription service though, you can try any scent you’ve been curious about before if you love it then that’s amazing but if you don’t you haven’t splurged too much.

I’m already eyeing up a few Gucci perfumes for my next round and there’s also loads of men fragrances too so could be an ideal gift for someone!

Scent Addict Subscription Service

I love the packaging of the Scent Addict Subscription Service too; it’s elegant, handbag friendly and still looks very high end. You can see below that you get a frosted white container that will contain your first sample with a twist up spray so you can top up your scent wherever you are. Once completed, you can just pop out the sample of the perfume and then change the month after.

Scent Addict Subscription ServiceScent Addict Subscription ServiceScent Addict Subscription Service

Spending in excess of £70 for full sized versions of these perfumes are not an option for everyone, but the idea of having a monthly sample that you can chop and change means you’ll always smell amazing and when people ask what you’re wearing you can say a different designer perfume each month.

I love this subscription so much and their portfolio of fragrances will surely keep you hooked for a good year at least. I love that you can use the value of the subscription service on a full-size bottle of perfume for yourself or a loved one making that month free!

Which perfumes would you recommend I try next from their website?

Amy x


*these products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review, see my full disclaimer for more information.