Rimmel #Insta range & review

If you watched my weekly vlog a few weeks ago (if not, you can catch up here) you would have seen Rimmel kindly sent me their new #Insta range of makeup, and I’ve been busy testing the array of products ever since and I’m so excited to share my thoughts of the Rimmel #Insta range with you all!

Rimmel #Insta range

I was kindly sent so many of the products from the Rimmel #Insta range – three contour and highlight sticks, a colour correcting palette, three sculpting palettes, a translucent powder and a fix & go spray. For me, the shades in ‘light’ were the only ones suitable for my pale skin, so I will be gifting the darker shades to friends and family.

#Insta Conceal & Correct Palette: I am surprised by just how much I have been using this palette. The three shades help to correct my imperfections really well. The orange/red colour; used for covering dark circles. The green shade; used to correct redness. The purple colour; used to help dullness. This is the best drugstore colour correcting palette I have ever used, and actually does really work (especially for those pesky dark circles!)

#Insta Conceal & Contour Palette: Made of the same formula as the colour correcting palette, I love the light palette for concealing, and I’ve actually been using the medium coloured palette for contouring. Unfortunately, the dark palette is too dark for my skin, but I am really impressed with the range of shades for all skin colours. I particularly enjoyed that the concealer formula is not oily or greasy at all, which I can find from some other concealers that come in these type of palettes. I don’t usually opt for a cream-based contour palette, but these have actually made me experiment a little more, and they’re so affordable for three different shades I’d certainly recommend them to anyone that is looking to improve their contour game. You can see more of my thoughts on this product in this chatty GRWM video.

#Insta Duo Contour Stick: Sticking with the theme of contouring, here’s the contour sticks. I actually much prefer using the conceal & contour palette for contouring, but I really love the highlight side of the stick for a base for powder highlight as I’ve found the combination helps my highlight last even longer throughout the day. I feel as though a lot of brands are coming out with contour sticks at the moment, and for the price, you really can’t beat these ones for formula. Personally though, I can’t quite see myself using them on the daily, but perhaps I’ll give them more of a go for nights out/events.

#Insta Fix & Matte Powder: This is definitely the best product from the whole Rimmel #Insta range. If you’re a fan of the Stay Matte powder, then you’ll love this. I couldn’t stop using this before I took these photos *slaps wrist for being a bad blogger.* I’ve been using this instead of my RCMA no colour powder and I really do believe it’s doing as good as a job. This powder is honestly phenomenal and you all need to try it out. Enough said!

#Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray: Okay I also love this spray – can you tell I’m a massive fan of the whole Rimmel #Insta range? This spray is very fine and doesn’t feel like water (an issue I have some fixing sprays) and it is so refreshing to finish of your makeup. I’ve been using this daily, combined with my foundation trick, my makeup has been lasting FOREVER and I’m not getting as oily as I used too so that’s a massive plus!

It’s easy to say that I am so impressed with the Rimmel #Insta range – the collection is so affordable and I love the formula of all of the products. My favourite product from the Rimmel #Insta range is definitely the powder, and I’d say I’m most surprised by the colour correcting palette. All in all, I’d recommend the entire collection to you all. The products are now available in Superdrug!

Which of the products are you looking forward to trying from the Rimmel #Insta range?

Amy x

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