Review & Swatches – Nars Dual Intensity Blush.

Firstly, I’d like to make a shout out to ASOS 20% off for students for making this post possible. I’ve always found NARS blushes an underdog in the makeup world, their pigmentation and quality really are second to none. In March this year, they released the dual intensity blushes following the eyeshadows of the same nature and oh boy was I excited, but at £30 a pop, I was quickly discouraged with my student budget. However after months of overtime at work and ASOS releasing this discount for student, I seized the opportunity to finally add it to my basket. I was so excited to try my first ever NARS product, so continue reading to find out why I love it so much.

nars dual blush fervor

nars dual intensity blush review

First Impressions: I’m a total sucker for classic black and white packaging which is why I find NARS and MAC the most aesthetically pleasing of all my makeup collection so I was so happy when this arrived. The matte black of the blush container is gorgeous and the magnetic clasp to close for it to close is a wonderful touch. If you thought that was gorgeous, you want to see the inside of the packaging. The duo of blushes sit side by side with a compact mirror for on-the-go application. Again, a beautiful little touch. I decided to go for the ‘fervor’ dual intensity blush as it looked like it would make a fantastic blush/bronze for the winter, however I was undecided between this and ‘adoration’ but I took a gamble. When arrived, the darker shade did look a lot darker in pan and I was worried my choice was the wrong one, but after swatching it and seeing just how buildable the colour is, I didn’t have to worry, even on my pale nc15 skin. The pink is a really beautiful rose pink and the darker shade is like a warm copper when swatched and I was excited to try them both individually and mixed together.

Swatches: Again, following the success of the dual intensity eyeshadows by Nars not too long ago, the blush is able to be worked both dry and wet for different results. The dry is for a more subtle, everyday look and the wet approach to be used at night when you want something a lot more dramatic. I have tried both and much prefer the dry way, just because my pale skin is not as forgiving for the more intense wet look. However everyone is different and should be encouraged to try both to see what works best for you.

nars blush swatch fervor swatches

Top: Dry Application / Bottom: Wet Application.

The photos don’t show the extent of difference, but the wet application is much more pigmented, slightly harder to blend and compacts a little more glitter which would be great for a night out or special occasion. Both required very little product and I can see this blush lasting me yonks! I’ve used it everyday since it arrived and I can’t get enough! Before, I found my blush often looked a little flat, but this not only emphasizes a contour, but also highlights cheekbones. I’m very impressed.

nars dual blush for pale skin

Tools to use it with: I have been using my sculpting brush from Real Techniques (see post about the set here) to apply my blush and found this worked brilliants to build up the colour as well as blend it out for a natural finish. NARS is selling a #23 Wet/Dry Brush that can be used specifically for this product, but in all honesty, if you already have a blush brush you love, there is no need to splurge. To use the wet technique, lightly spray the blush brush (only a little is needed) or use a makeup sponge such as a Beauty Blender to dampen the edges to draw it on, then switch to the dry side to blend it out.

Thank you ASOS for helping me get this at £24 instead of the RRP of £30 here in the UK. This is such a brilliant product and would encourage a blush by NARS for anyone looking for a new addition to their makeup collection. The duo colours makes this palette much more versatile for all year wear which I often find difficult with picking a single colour from other retailers. The amount of product you get for your money is really impressive and now I’m lusting over the other colours too!

Have you tried any NARS blushes or impressed with what you have seen? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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