Review – Real Techniques Sculpting Set

If you read my Payday Wishlist at the beginning of the month, then you’d notice these were on there! My obsession with Real Technique brushes is no secret and with contouring showing signs of staying for good, I needed a set of these collectors edition brushes that would help me achieve a flawless contour and these looked just the ticket. For £20.99 I thought these were a steal and I couldn’t wait to get playing with them all! If you’re looking for a contour set then keep reading as if you’re anything like me, you may just fall in love…Real techniques sculpting set review

1. Sculpting Brush.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

RT sculpting brush review

This is the main brush from the set and is used to blend and buff your contour shade into the shadowed areas of your face to define your face further. I was so excited to try it with my Barry M Contour Kit; I began by gently dab the brush into the darkest contour shade in the set and applied under my cheekbones to get that cheek definition Kim Kardashian has made us chase since her Instagram Selfies became more of a religion. My first application there was too much product as I did not anticipate how dense the brush was, this is not a bad thing, you just need much less product as this brush makes it go much further. My next application had me tap the brush to get any excess off and my contoured cheeks looked amazing. The brush really does all the work and with so many sculpting brushes often over-hyped I’d say there is no need to spend a fortune when you can get a brush from RT that does such a fantastic job. It makes it so easy to blend out the contour and build it up whether you’re going for a subtle everyday look or a dramatic night time one, this brush will quickly become a staple in your brush collection.

2. Fan Brush (Exclusive Cut)

real techniques fan brush

RT fan brush review

This brush is one you can only get with this set which is another reason to get your hands on it before they stop selling them. The fan brush is designed to help lightly apply highlighter onto the top of your cheeks to give yourself a subtle glow. When using this I also used it to contour my nose, dabbing the brush lightly into the darkest contour shade and using it to apply the contour shade on the sides of my nose. This was great in order to get a really thin line to then blend out but when using it with my Makeup Revolution Highlighter I had to press really hard to transfer the highlighter onto the brush. It does give a good finish but I could take or leave this if I’m honest. It does look pretty and I’m pleased I have it in my collection so I’m hoping to find more uses for it in my everyday makeup routine.

3. Setting Brush.

real techniques setting brush

real techniques setting brush review

Now this brush is great for once your contour is finished and ready to set with powder! I also love using this to apply powder to set under my eyes too and is something I’ve used everyday since it arrived! A simple little brush with so many uses! It’s great and I know will be a core brush that I will take when I travel. I love the shiny pink handles of these brushes and already I can’t imagine how I got by using just my Core Collection set to be fair.

These brushes have been warmly welcomed into my brush collection and my vanity area is ever growing! It may be more to wash on makeup brush cleaning day but these are well worth it. The look and feel of Real Technique brushes do not connote their affordable price tag! I’ve been eyeing up the Bold Metals collection from RT and would love to add them to my makeup brush collection. I also know I’m going to have to make new makeup storage from Muji for all of these new products. Thank you RT, you’ve done it again!

Have you tried this set or wanting too now? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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