Makeup Revolution oval brushes review

I have been on the hunt for a dupe of my Artis brush ever since I added it to my collection a few months ago. I’ve looked at a load of different oval brushes but these caught my eye with their rose gold lure so continue reading to find out how I believe the Makeup Revolution oval brushes compare to the coveted Artis ones.Makeup Revolution oval brushes

Price: The price point of these Makeup Revolution oval brushes are amazing like the rest of Makeup Revolution products. The set of three here were only £19.99 whereas the Artis brush was closer to £50 so there’s a significant difference. You can also buy them individually or you can buy a larger pack of brushes and the eye brushes on their own so there is a lot of choices to add these at an affordable price.

Quality: The bristles of the Makeup Revolution oval brushes are genuinely the same as The Artis ones which is why I’d already say these are a fantastic dupe. However, the handles of these are made from plastic as apposed to a metal design of the Artis brushes so these feel particularly flimsy and vulnerable when being used so I’d recommend being a little extra careful. I have showed a few tips and tricks in this video on how to be a little more careful when using them to prevent them from breaking in half!

makeup revolution rose gold oval brushes

Colour: Rose gold is known to be a pain in the arse to photograph, but these remind me of the iPhone rose gold; a much more pinky tone than gold, but beautiful none-the-less. These look stunning on display and there are no complaints here!

Application: The Makeup Revolution oval brushes are a dream to apply product to the face as the bristles are an amazing quality. If you haven’t seen my video here – I’d recommend you do so as I demonstrate just how alike these brushes compare to the Artis one. Spoiler: they’re definitely the closest dupe I’ve seen yet!

makeup revolution oval brush vs oval 7

To conclude this review, I’ve used these now for a few weeks and are incredibly impressed. I’ve looked at so many Artis dupes and nothing has quite proved as good until the Makeup Revolution oval brushes. The only negative I have is that the handles feel very vulnerable due to their flimsy nature. Other than that, these are an amazing dupe at a much more affordable price than the Artis ones.

I’d definitely recommend saving rather than splurging on the Oval brushes!

Amy x

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