Review – Mac Studio Fix Foundation Sample.

mac studio fix in nc15 review

After I posted about my recent Mac haul here I had lots of comments on the blog, twitter and Instagram asking if I could let you know how I found the studio fix foundation sample I took away from my visit. This is a foundation I have wanted to try for so long and had to wait until I could visit a store in order to be colour matched for my perfect shade. The sample pot was a good enough size to get a weeks worth of foundation from the product to validate if it was a foundation for me, so continue reading to see if it is worth the hype?

studio fix review

The answer in short: yes, yes, yes! I was hoping to not like as I knew falling in love with it would result in yet another Mac haul with this baby included, but how can I not? If like me, you were a studio fix virgin, let me explain why it is this is hands down the best foundation I have ever used. I usually opt for light/medium coverage foundations as I always thought fuller coverage (studio fix being medium-full) looked cakey on my skin and made me break out. I was surprised by just how natural this looked on my skin though. It is a little more yellow in tone than my skin, but subtle enough to cancel out any red-ness in my face, making for the perfect base. Can you tell I’m in love? To say a little went a long way as well. The first two applications were just using the product on the lid of the sample pot, whilst still providing a flawless finish to my skin.

I then continued to add blush/bronzer/highlighter on top of the product and set it with my Stay Matte powder and it made my skin look amazing. Not only that it lasted all day! I began work at 8am, finished at 5.30pm, got some shopping and took my makeup of at 10pm and it looked just how I put it on, so much so I didn’t want to wipe it off. I now understand why this won the Cosmopolitan award for most loved foundation as it ticks all the boxes. If so little product lasted all week, I can’t begin to imagine how much the 30ml product will last me when I pick it up (which is inevitably going to be soon, as in as-soon-as-student-loan-arrives soon). The only peeve I have with the foundation is that you have to buy a £4.50 pump separate from the foundation in order to ensure you don’t spill it all, but knowing this is going to be a firm favourite for months and years to come, I’ll justify it by saying it’s an investment piece.

nc15 studio fix review

I tried the three above methods of applying the foundation: Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Real Techniques Stippling Brush and Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. (Can you see a theme there?) and I found that the Buffing Brush actually left me with a complete streak-free finish, whereas the Stippling Brush took a little longer for it to work into the skin. The Miracle Complexion Sponge was good for under my eyes and the bottom of my chin but I’d certainly opt for a brush application over any, but what works for one may be different on another! The only negative I have about using the product is that it does smell like acrylic paint, a smell I actually love as I’m used to it whilst working on my photography sketchbooks, but one not everyone would be fond of so when you’re in Mac next give it a whiff (no-one will judge) and make sure it’s not something you mind working with.

There we have it, a product well worth its hype and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try it. I’ll be getting the full size bottle as soon as I humanely can as I’m already gutted I’ve ran out and my Face and Body foundation is more of a summer foundation with its lighter coverage. I’m so impressed and recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet!

Have you tried Studio Fix foundation? Or looking to try it after my review? Let me know!

Amy x

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