L’Oreal true match foundation review

I’ve had the L’Oreal true match foundation for a while now and feel that I can finally write an in-depth review for you lovely lot about my experience with the product. Foundation is certainly something you can’t review after just a week of use so I hope this post comes in useful for those considering purchasing it for themselves.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

It was a combination of the 23 shades available in the L’Oreal true match foundation as well as so many claims that it is a drugstore dupe to the Georgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation that caught my eye. The winter months leaves our skin lighter than it is in the summer, removing the natural tan we get from the sunshine, so getting a foundation that matches my skin was a must. As a light/medium coverage foundation it’ll provide a natural base to your face, avoiding the ‘cakey’ look.

First Impressions: At first I thought the L’Oreal true match foundation was a little too watery (as least compared to my previous foundations) however after months of use I’ve concluded this is not exactly a bad thing; this helps to make the foundation much more blend-able plus helps to mimic the texture of your skin to look extremely natural. The foundation also has a pump which is fab, I am always put off a foundation if it doesn’t as controlling the amount of product is much more difficult. The extensive collection of shades were also great in picking your perfect match, although it would have been great if someone could colour match you in store, so long as you know the undertones of your skin it is quite easy to put two and two together and swatch them. (I resulted in N1 Ivory – #palegirlproblems)

Using the Product: This is a great everyday foundation, I use just one layer and find this enough to create a soft matte finish to my skin. I feel more than one layer may cling to dry patches but in my experience it is not necessary. I find for a full day out (8 hours-ish) it stays on well but after that it begins to fade yet with my Laura Mercier Foundation Primer I get a full day of coverage without wear so I’d recommend teaming it up with a primer to extend its life.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Would I buy Again? I’m looking to invest in a high end foundation in order to compare but for a drugstore brand this is fantastic. You’re often left with 5/6 choices of foundation colours that lack choice and often don’t match your skin as well as you’d hope however the range of True Match Foundations  mean you can get a much more natural base without having to splurge. At £9.99 it is certainly worth a try, I believe this has helped to step up the Foundation game in drugstores and hopefully other brands follow in the footsteps of L’Oreal. You can grab these from Boots, Superdrug, ASOS and most other online retailers (give it a google!)

Have you tried L’Oreal true match foundation? What did you think? Let me know!

Amy x

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