Dr PawPaw original balm review

Every summer I seem to find myself new essentials: new sunglasses, new summer clothes and a new balm to prevent my skin from chapping from the hotter weather. Last year my go-to was Carmex (a great contestant in my eyes) but when I saw this new product on the market, Dr PawPaw original balm, I knew this was this years candidate. As I waited for it in the mail, I began to notice my lips had already become quite dry and chapped so I couldn’t wait to apply it and see if it helped me out. All it took was 24 hours to help resolve my chapped lip woes but the best thing about this product is that isn’t just a lip balm – it’s a moisturiser, a conditioner, a lip finisher as well as many other things so be sure to keep reading to find out why this deserves a place in this years summer essentials.

Dr PAw Paw Original review

dr paw paw lip care

First Impressions: I knew there were three varieties of this products, the other two are tinted and you can chose whether this is pink or red, but what I loved about the original balm is that it became more than just a lip balm like the other balms I have in my make-up stash (we are all guilty!). This already made the product much more versatile and so much better for summer when it’s not just your lips that become dry. As I looked at the ingredients I noticed they were all particularly natural with the key ingredient being PawPaw, boasts natural healing qualities and is said to be one of nature’s finest remedies to help treat skin conditions from chapped lips to sun burn and dehydration of the skin. I was so happy to have this and couldn’t wait to put it to the test – surely it was a little too good to be true?

Dr PawPaw original balm

Using the Product: Like any balm, it’s super easy to use but I found the consistency to be a little thicker than previous products I’ve owned. The thicker the product, the further it goes which is great if you’re looking for great value for money. Like mentioned in my intro, my lips had already chapped awaiting its arrival and it took just two applications for them to be moisturised and looking as good as new. Impressed. Since, I’ve applied it when I wake up and before I go to sleep and they have not become dry at all. I have been applying this to my cuticles too as they’ve been peeling and again impressed at the result. I’ve also tried this on the end of my hair in an attempt to prevent split ends. It is good and is not oily at all however I have not noticed any difference to the appearance of the ends and will be sticking to my Body Shop Argan Oil (see a post about that here) because that has just been a miracle worker at the moment! Lastly, I applied this to my face after being in the sun and having caught a slight colour as I knew this would provide the best example of how it helps to moisturise a large area of skin – again, not disappointed. I’d go as far as comparing this to the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot out of your products. It remains in my handbag and I know for a fact I’ll have to repurchase another as its become the first thing I’ve reached for in times of skin TLC.

Dr paw paw originalDr PawPaw original balm

I know this Dr PawPaw original balm may be new to many people but I can guarantee it is only going to grow in popularity as other try it out and see for themselves just how much of a miracle worker it is. I was left extremely surprised as lip balms don’t usually ‘wow’ me to this extent, they do their job and remain in hibernation until I rediscover them by accident. This Dr PawPaw original balm however, is a magical moisturiser jam packed full of essential vitamins your skin craves over the summer. I really recommend the Dr PawPaw original balm to anyone plus at £6.95 it a a fantastic investment. It is available from the Dr Pawpaw site, ASOS, Look Fantastic, Urban Outfitters plus many more so go have a gander as I know you’ll love it!

Have you given the Dr PawPaw original balm a try? Or have you been left wanting to try it out? Let me know! ♥

Amy x

*this product was gifted me to review, but all opinions are my own, to see my full disclaimer click here.
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