Body Shop satsuma eau de toilette review

If you’re new to my blog then you need to know my obsession with the Satsuma range from The Body Shop. Seriously, I’m a real addict and when I visited my local store I couldn’t resist having another whiff! Well you know how it goes, one thing leads to another and I walk out the store with another product to my satsuma collection and I justified it as I finished my Body Mist (see my last empties post here) – not that I really need a justification, I’m hooked! But this time I stayed away from the shower gels and body butters, I decided to buy the Body Shop satsuma eau de toilette bottle as it will be perfect for these summery months ahead! I wasn’t aware that Body Shop done their own perfume range so I’ll be reviewing my recent purchase so anyone thinking of grabbing hold of one or those that also didn’t know they exist know exactly what they are all about!

body shop satsuma perfume review

First Impressions: Obviously the Body Shop satsuma eau de toilette smells AMAZING! I could tell from my initial whiff in store, this was going a long way as the scent was incredibly intense! I was disappointed that it was £8.50 for a 30ml bottle as for Body Shop it’s quite expensive but if it lived up to my expectations then it’ll be a great investment! I couldn’t way to try it out and see if it lasts as long as I hope!

body shop satsuma perfume review

Using the Product: Like any perfume product, the Body Shop satsuma eau de toilette came with a great little pump to help distribute the wonderful scent and it did smell really amazing. I used it before getting ready for work and I smelt so fresh and orangey – everything I love in a fragrance! It was certainly stronger than the body mist but there is one disadvantage of this product and it really pains me to say it – it lasts about half an hour! If I applied this every time the scent vanished the bottle would be out in a couple of days and this is really disappointing. Everything else is great and even with perfume hacks like putting Vaseline on your wrist ect. nothing made it stick and for this reason I won’t be re-purchasing this, next time I’ll stick with the body mist that works out greater value and has a longer lasting power than this little bottle of perfume. I haven’t been deterred from the range, Satsuma will remain my absolute fav! It may just be because the scent is sweet that it doesn’t stay as long so definitely give other scents a try!

Have you had a better experience with the Body Shop satsuma eau de toilette? Or have you tried this and loved it? Let me know!

Amy x

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