Real Techniques stippling brush review

I’m a MASSIVE Real Techniques fan and a few weeks ago, I was having a browse of their website and youtube channel and saw their Stippling brush. I didn’t know they released one and knew I had to add it to my collection. I saw it as part of the Amazon deals for under £6 and as soon as I knew it, I had paid for it and was awaiting its delivery. Oh the internet can be a dangerous place #noregrets. Keep reading to see my Real Techniques stippling brush review.

real techniques stippling brush review

I had considered the MAC Stippling brush however there are countless reviews stating it shreds like crazy right away and I have never had a dissapointing experience with my RT brushes so it was no competition. I know this was not on my payday wishlist, but if I had known it was there it really would have been. RT brushes are so amazing, so soft, help product blend, buff and build on the skin perfectly for such an affordable price. I just can’t get enough, can you tell?

First Impressions: Anyways enough about my love for RT and back to the Real Techniques stippling brush review. When it arrived I loved it. The bristles are duo fibre which means they’re not only super soft but the white hairs are helping the product into the skin and the black brushes push product back onto the face to ensure a really flawless finish. It is pink handled which not only looks super cute but means it’s classed as a finishing brush. RT colour code their brushes so you know how to use them e.g. the yellow/golden handle = base, pink = finishing, purple = eyes ect. I’ll be using this with my MAC face & body (see my review of that foundation here) and will be writing exactly how I get on with the brush.

real techniques stippling brush

Using the Product: It is such an easy brush to use. I basically dot my foundation around my face and in circular motions I buff my foundation into my skin until it is all blended out. With my MAC face & body, I apply a second coat and find this brush really helps to build coverage without any streaks or unevenness. I really really love how the brush does all the work and adapts really well to the contour of jawbones, cheekbones ect. I’d say it helps provide a lighter coverage than my foundation brush where you are essentially painting on your foundation but this leaves a much more ‘airbrushed’ look in my opinion. Of course, MAC face and body is a light and blendable foundation so I’m not sure how this works with medium/full coverage foundations so if you’ve tried it please let me know how you find it in the comments!


Cleaning the Brush: Again, really really easy. I usually clean my brushes once a week with baby shampoo and warm water and this went back to white when washed. I find all my RT brushes are the same and have not shredded at all! Obviously be careful to only wash the bristles and not the end of the brush where the glue to the bristles sit as water damage to that can cause the brush to not last as long. To avoid this you can get a brush cleaner like the one from MAC where you pour a small amount on kitchen roll and wipe the bristles and this will mean they will dry much quicker and leave the baby shampoo method for a deep clean once a month.

All in all, I’m in love with this stippling brush! It’s so brilliant at buffing and blending foundation for a really even coverage. This is perfect for lighter foundation in the summer and it has made me fall in love with Real Technique brushes even more than I already was. My next purchases are going to be the Sculpting Set and Starter Kit as seen on my Payday wishlist. Ooh I’m so excited.

Did you find this Real Techniques stippling brush review helpful?

Amy x

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