Ray Bans: the perfect summer accessory

Every year when it gets mildly sunny here in the UK, much like the weather we have had recently, I search for a new pair of sunglasses. Having yet to own a pair of Ray Bans before, I decided 2017 was the year to finally add them to the collection! I got this gorgeous pair from SmartBuy Glasses as they were the cheapest there plus they had so much choice – a win win in my eyes!

ray bans

I went for the RB4203 style; a retro-inspired design that I just fell in love with. They maintain part of the classic Ray Ban look whilst looking unique with their wide metal shape and wide temples. I chose to get the black sunglasses, they come available in other colours too, but if you love Ray Bans as much as I do then you’ll see the appeal in the black finish where the gold Ray Bans logo stands out whilst still being subtle.

Ray bans RB4203 review


I’m one of those people that have quite a few sunglasses in a draw for those few weeks that the UK actually has any sunshine whatsoever. Another appeal of Ray Bans are the lenses and the benefits from the sun they provide. The RB4203 glasses come with lenses that absorb 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light, whilst still maintaining a ‘natural vision’ to the outdoors. I can get headaches if the sun is too bright, and my eyes can water from hayfever, but since having these on hand I’ve not struggled with either.

I always find these amazing when I’m driving as the lenses also reduce glare considerably on the road – I’ve never driven before in the summer (as I passed my test this January) and I never realised how bad the roads can be. These glasses perform much better than my cheaper styles from the high street and reflect the years of research that help Ray Bans maintain their excellent reputation.

ray bans review

You can find the same style that will be glued to my face this summer here and I couldn’t recommend the fast shipping enough – they arrived 48 hours after I ordered them – which is always a blessing when you need sunglasses straight away to protect your eyes from the sun.

Which sunglasses will you be wearing this year? Do you love Ray Bans too?

Amy x

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