Project pan: the beginning!

I’m beginning project pan; where you begin to try and use up as many products as I can for a number of different reasons. It’s obvious, I’m a makeup addict, but I’ve reached a stage where I want to begin project pan.

project pan

I’m beginning project pan for a range of different reasons, so I thought I’d write a post to let you know why, and mainly why I’m trying to avoid filming hauls on my YouTube channel and actually use up a load of products I have. I’ve tried project pan before – and unashamedly failed because I can’t not buy makeup – so I’m hoping writing a blog post will help me stick to it!

project pan

1. I have far too much makeup for one person

I can’t believe I’ve actually said this, but I really don’t think one person needs 25 contour powders (this is no exaggeration). My makeup takes up so much space, and although I wouldn’t change my passion/hobby for the world, I need to start using what I have up before I add to my collection.

2. Makeup expires

I am well aware that makeup expires and I’m sure that I’ve had some liquid products for far too long. I have a stash of over 15 foundations, and instead of adding to the collection, I need to use up what I’ve got to prevent wasting any products.

3. I need to save money

If you watched this video, you’ll see that I’m heading to Orlando in October – exciting! This is one of the main reasons I need to do project pan, as if I don’t buy any new makeup until then, then I’d save so much money! With makeup being my biggest hobby/passion, I obviously spend more money than I’d like to admit on the newest release, but instead of giving into temptation I’m going to make the most of the products I already have.

empty products

4. Using more products 

I am a sucker for using the same products ALL THE TIME. I’m hoping project pan will encourage me to use more products and experiment with the products I have in the back of my drawer that are probably secret gems that I never gave a proper try.

5. Creating content based on empty products

I love reading blogs/watching videos based on empty products as the influencer has used it to the last bit which means their review is going to include everything – the positives and negatives – not just based on first impressions, but from regularly using a product. I’m going to save all of my empty products and create more content based on my experience with project pan and how I’m getting on!

finishing products

So that’s why I’m starting project pan, and going to give it all I have to start getting through my collection. I’d love to hear how you’ve all got on with trying to do project pan, and any tips you have for me – needless to say, I’m going to need them.

Keep an eye on my blog for regular updates, and which products I’ve finished.

Amy x

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