Primark false nails review

I am obsessed with falsies but I’m on a serious spending ban as driving lessons have cost me a bomb recently as well the fact Christmas will soon be with us, I need to save money wherever I can. This has led me to try budget brands where possible and I was interested in Primark false nails. So continue reading to see my honest review and thoughts.

Primark false nails

Fashion Nails Pointed Shape in Ice Queen

Stilletto nails are all the range right now and these look beautiful! The white colour looked perfect to go with any outfit and I had to pick them up, especially for £1 – Primark false nails are a bargain! Once I put these on, they were a little longer than I imagined so can make things a little more tricky but I loved them none the less. I had loads of compliments asking where I got my nails done and everyone seemed surprise you could pick this set up from Primark.

Primark false nails

Fashion Nails Pointed Shape in Pitch Black

These are very similar to the previous despite the colour, of course. The shape is the same with a very glossy finish which makes them look like proper gel nails which is the finish I always love going for. I wear black all the time so these go great with my outfit and would also be a go-to if you have an event and want a gorgeous set to wear. Primark false nails really do dupe a lot more expensive brands currently on the high street.Primark false nails

Natural Nails

These are my favourite from all three of the Primark false nails, as they’re a lot more wearable for everyday. I always struggle to do my own french nails and these look natural and I would wear these constantly. For £1 these are a fantastic dupe to more expensive brands available on the high street and perform just as well. Like the other nails, these lasted between a week and a half to two weeks when on and are going to become a regular when I do my nails. They’re so cheap I just can’t complain.

Primark false nails

NSI Polybond Nail Glue

The only thing I’d say about the Primark false nails is that the glue they come with is pants! I’d always recommend investing in a better quality glue to ensure they stick to the nail better. I always choose NSI nail glue (which I order off of eBay), this has been recommended to me by by nail tech friends and I’d definitely say this ensures my nails last over a week where they may usually only last a few days. I also do my gel and acrylic nails at home when I have time and swear by NSI products so if you’d like more information about how I do them please let me know!

NSI nail glue

For £1 a pop, these Primark false nails are fantastic in quality and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Any time I go to Primark I pick up at least 5 pairs to keep me going. They have an array of shapes and styles even in the tiny store near me, so I’m sure larger stores will have a huge variety. If you’re looking for a great looking manicure but want to keep costs low, I’d recommend checking our Primark!

Have you ever tried Primark false nails before? Let me know what are your favourites!

Amy x

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