Pay Day Wishlist | August ’15

It’s pay day weekend once again and I’ve found myself lusting over so much in the past four weeks so I have created a pay day wishlist. I’ve decided to pick out five of my top pics that I really hope to pick up with this months wages. I’m really trying to use up all the products I have as I have about three of every product so I’m going to be trying to use them up but with a theme of brushes this month, I’m hoping to make the most of what I have and get experimental in trying new make-up styles ready for any events happening this month!pay day wishlist

1. Real Techniques Sculpting Set | £20.99
It seems it’s brush galore on my wishlist today but my gosh how good do these look? Whether it’s contouring or strobing you’re trying out, these brushes are going to be your best pal. Their pretty pink handles also caught my eye and I think these will really not only be great in helping me achieve a more sculpted finish but they’ll look super cute on display alongside my muji draws – right? Definitely couldn’t not add them to my pay day wishlist.

2. Muji Two Draw Acrylic Box | Sale £9.86 / Full Price £10.95
Having already purchased a two draw acrylic box to store all of my make-up from Muji, I know I’m going to need another! They are made to stack on top of each other to ensure your storage remains extremely tidy and the draws on these are much larger than those on the storage boxes I already own and I definitely prefer these! The draws are big enough to store everything and they’re the best I’ve used.

3.Real Techniques Starter Kit | £20.99
A set of brushes made specifically for the eyes and I couldn’t lust over them anymore. I’m really trying to experiment a little more with my eye-make up beyond a winged eyeliner look so I’m hoping by getting these babies I’ll be spending more time practising and trying out new looks!

4. MAC Brush Cleanser | £12.00
I’ve been using soap and water to clean my brushes but I fear I’m being a little too hard on them which can cost the brushes life. A brush cleanser will not only deep clean but also condition the brushes without too much force. With my makeup brush collection gradually growing I’d love this for those occasions where my brushes need well deserved TLC. Plus, there’s not really a better brand to go with other than MAC.

5. MAC Foundation Brush 190 | £27.00
I’ve adored the look and feel of MAC brushes for so long, I mean who doesn’t? My foundation is of course something I wear everyday & I’d love to invest in a high end brush to ensure application is as flawless as possible. I’ve been using the Real Techniques foundation brush but would really love to give this a go as I’ve heard just how much of a difference it makes.

Phew, so I may be obsessed over brushes but I’m sure you’ll agree these are fantastic picks. Just by writing this post I’ve ordered the two RT sets. Ooops. Have you tried out any of them or have any brush recommendations for me? I’d love to also know what are on your pay day wishlist!

Amy x

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