Palmers Stretch Mark Range Review

If you’ve missed my weekly pregnancy updates on my Youtube channel, then you may have missed me talking about the products I’ve been loving to keep stretch marks at bay, including the Palmers Stretch Mark Range. I wanted to do a dedicated post to the three products from the Palmers Stretch Mark Range that have been a skin saviour, especially in the third trimester. I hope any fellow pregnant ladies find this review useful, too.

Palmers Stretch Mark Range

Palmers Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks:

I wanted to start with my favourite first which actually surprised me. I hadn’t tried this product since I received the Palmers Stretch Mark Range in PR a few weeks ago but it’s overtaken my love for the other two products twice over. This ultra concentrated balm is very thick in consistency, but I love applying this before I go to bed to keep my bumps skin looking healthy. The solid balm melts with your body heat and I concentrate this on the any areas I can see faint stretch marks emerging as well as rub all over to hydrate my skin. I wish I had had this from the first trimester as my skin always feels so soft when I wake which i find a consistent theme across the Palmers cocoa butter line. This is only £6.25 too and I’ve been using this every night for the past two weeks and have only used about a quarter of the product. Couldn’t speak more highly of this which is why it’s overtaken the lotion in the top spot.

Palmers Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks:

I mentioned this was my former favourite from the Palmers Stretch Mark Range as it melts into the skin wonderfully and I use this as an everyday moisturiser across my bump, thighs and boobs. I began using this when I was 12 weeks pregnant and have loved it so much. This is my second bottle, but the first lasted me weeks and weeks – amazing value for money. It contains the same elements across the entire Palmers Stretch Mark Range (Collagen, Elastin, Argan Oil and Shea Butter) which work to keep your skin supple and flexible in preparation for rapid growth. The whole Palmers Stretch Mark Range work so effortlessly together and using a combination of all three products has made me feel confident that my expanding skin is getting the best care it can get. This product is affordable too at £6 for 250ml of product.

Palmers Massage Cream for Stretch Marks:

The final product from the Palmers Stretch Mark Range is the massage cream. This is again my second bottle of the product as I began using this in conjunction with the lotion at about 23 weeks of pregnancy as I began seeing my stomach stretch on the daily. Compared to the lotion, this is a more concentrated cream that you can use to target stubborn and stretch-mark prone areas. The consistency is thicker than the lotion (but not as thick as the body butter) but isn’t at all greasy so I can apply this and not worry once I get dressed over the top. I also loved using this for when I travelled as it didn’t take up any space at all in my handbag. I used this once daily with the other Palmers Stretch Mark Range products but they do recommend you can use it up to three times a day for those extremely stubborn areas that you’re trying to fight. This is £6 for 125ml of product, making the entire range £18.25, which is an incredibly fair price to help prevent and care for skin that needs extra TLC.

These products really have been a life saviour for me during the past few months of pregnancy and I hand on heart couldn’t recommend them more. I know that stretch marks can’t always be completely avoided as factors such as diet, skin type and even genetics mean you may have no control over if you get them or not, but for me there’s no price on looking after my skin that is changing every day and where I can avoid them being too aggressive then I will take the time to apply all types of lotions and potions to make me feel like there isn’t anything more I could have done to care for my body. I love that the whole range is gentle on the skin and it’s no surprise that they advertise that 98% of women who tried these products saw improved skin elasticity, reduction in the appearance of stretch marks and improved skin texture. I will be continuing to use these after pregnancy too as my body shrinks back down (which can also cause stretch marks). tHank you Palmers for cresting products that genuinely help!

Have you tried these products before?

Amy x

*these products were gifted in exchange for an honest review, however all opinions are my own, read my full disclaimer to find out more.