Mini Mac Haul #2

During the year at work we all work to build points on a bonus scheme and I recently claimed mine – almost £100 of it – on a Debenhams voucher to reward myself on yet more clothes and makeup. I have been eyeing up some MAC goodies and knew exactly what I was adding to my basked as soon as the voucher arrived. I’d like to also apologise for not posting on Tuesday too, uni deadlines are catching up on us all like crazy and after a very demotivating presentation on Monday I think a lot of pressures caught up with me. However, I am back, and who doesn’t enjoy a MAC haul? I’m so looking forward to sharing the new additions to my collection.

Mac Haul

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10 Ways to Combat Stress

My dissertation is due in 3 weeks and 6 days and it’s fair to say I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as stressed out with the uni work that keeps on piling up. However, I saw an image on instagram that had the quote “everything you are worrying about now will be irrelevant in a years time” and although my final year grade is key to me getting a job in marketing, my dissertation would have been a thing of the past and so I’ve always ensured to not let the stress get to me as I may have let it a year back. For anyone in a similar position or just looking for a way to de-stress when everything builds up, I hope my post will uplift you to think about number one and not let you be so consumed.

Ellie Goulding Cosmpolitan

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Dupe Haul – Makeup Revolution

So, my spending ban this month has totally failed. I’m not even ashamed by how rubbish I am not spending more money on even more makeup, but have you been on the Makeup Revolution website recently? I dare you to and not add a single thing to your basket. However, I technically saved a hella’ lot of money with this shop in what I’m calling a total Dupe Haul. I’ll explain exactly what I mean as I talk about eat of the products that found their way into my makeup collection. Every single product is a dupe from another brand with such a high quality finish and pigmentation to all products, if you haven’t tried Makeup Revolution, you’ll certainly want too now.

makeup revolution rose gold brushes

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The Melt Crowd November ’15

There is nothing better than finally reaching Pay Day after such a busy month. The cherry on top is always receiving my Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd subscription box through the post, I swear I can smell it before I see it in my letter box. What’s better? I’d say this months box is the best yet. Flamingo Candles knows how to make every months box unique with new scents and with the introduction to a few of their Christmas range, I couldn’t be more excited to make my flat smelling festive.

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Getting Christmas Ready With Kiss Air Candles

My favourite thing about it being November? It’s not too early to get out the Christmas candles and start the countdown to the big day. I’m loving Soy wax candles at the moment too, so Kiss Air Candles ticked all the boxes! I was asked to try out their Christmas range before they went on sale, although they are now all available on their website, and I couldn’t too more excited. With five different scents in their collection, I chose the Cranberry and Orange, the Christmas Tree and Mulberry Spice but you can also get your hands on a Chocolate Orange and Gingerbread candle, the only difficulty was choosing the one’s I wanted to sample as they all sounded amazing.

kiss air candles christmas collection

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