EMPTY PRODUCTS #5 | November ’15.

It feels like I haven’t done an empties post for ages but I’ve not used up many products recently as I seem to use so many at one time but following my Black Friday shopping (post on what I picked up to follow!) I’ve decided it’s time to start using up all of the products I have already before purchasing any more as it’s time to start seriously start saving for post-uni life. I have really enjoyed using so many products the past couple of month and gutted some of them are becoming low.

empty products

Batiste Dry Shampoo
batiste dry shampoo floral & florty blush

Now Batiste Dry Shampoo has quickly become a Holy Grail in my collection. Not just for using between washes but its also great for adding volume when I have my hair up. I’ve had this product for a while and it lasts such a long time. In fact, I’ve already repurchased another one as I could not live without it.

The Body Shop Satsuma Eau De Toilette.body shop satsuma perfume

In my opinion Body Shop Mists are way better than their perfumes and last much longer for a cheaper price, however this small sized product is perfect to keep in my work jumper product to refresh the smell every so often and I get so many compliments by customers by how nice I smell. Again, I’ve already repurchased a Strawberry perfume replacement for work over the Christmas period during The Body Shops 40% off event. I find this lasts probably about half an hour on one spray which is a bit of a let down but it’s perfect if you’re like me and work in a very hot shop where a little spray is more than enough. I love all of their smells, just really wish they lasted longer. Any tips?

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Miniature. soap and glory clean on me review

I have had this miniature I have had for ages and never got around to using (why – I don’t know?) but I opened this up on my holiday and have only just used it up which was great as I didn’t expect it to last so long. I love Soap and Glory bath products and this was no exception. I know for Christmas I end up with so many new sets and really hoping to get a set with one of these in it again as it smells DIVINE. If not, I’ll have to do some January shopping to pick a bigger version up. It lathered so amazingly and made my skin feel so silky. Must have for any shower!

Aussie Mega Shampoo.aussie mega shampoo

I had a mini Aussie haul a few months ago, one product featured this Mega Shampoo. I grabbed this purely based on the fact it was a larger bottle compared to the others available for the same price plus smells amazing just like all other Aussie products. My hair loves Aussie, it feels so silky and it helps to prevent split ends wonderfully. I love trying out new products out and have picked up a new Tigi set in the Black Friday sales so keep your eyes peeled for my post all about them.

The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Massage Oilthe body shop spa fit massage oil

Now this massage oil was so amazing. This smelt like sherbert lemons and was the perfect excuse for Rich to give me a massage after a really stressful day of work and dissertation writing. This made my skin feel so soft but I wouldn’t say it helped tone all that much, but the smell makes up for everything. I’m definitely going to repurchase a similair kind of product because I need an excuse for more massages, especially as my dissertation is due so soon. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments!

There we go, another months worth of empties! I love using products up and I have so many I want to start using I’m sure empties posts are going to become more common here although with all the new christmas collections being released it is so hard to not buy new products, but come January, I’m going to be heavily cutting down in preperation for moving away from London come June/July time.

Have you tried any of these products or have any recommendations before my spending ban starts? Let me know!

Amy x

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