New In Tech: Beats 2.0 Wireless Rose Gold

Todays post is a little different as I thought I’d show you the tech I’ve recently picked up in the form of Beats 2.0 Wireless in the colour Rose Gold. Now to say these have been on my wishlist for a long time is an understatement and now I have a journey to work everyday of around an hour each way I thought it wasn’t a better time to splurge on the headphones of my dreams. If you’re curious to see a little more about them, then keep on reading!

Beats 2.0 Wireless Rose Gold review

So Why These? Having an iPhone, an iPad and going to be getting a Macbook Pro this year I wanted to pick headphones up that were made to work effortlessly with Apple products and Beats were recently bought by Apple (although still branded with Dr. Dre) and knowing how their products work so well together I added them to my wishlist. Now I was going to go for Black, because you know Black goes with everything, then I saw their Special Edition Rose Gold.. and you know, how can you resist? My phone is rose gold so obviously everything else should be, right? Also Rich is a terrible influence on me with his “you deserve to treat yourself” monologues, so we can really blame him for how little is in my bank account now!

Beats 2.0 Wireless review

Unboxing: I’ll just talk you through what comes in the box, much like other Apple products, the content is minimal but effective. You get the headphones in a carry case providing protection when on the move as well as two cables – one which you can use as traditional headphones by plugging one end into the headphones and the other into your phone, the other is a charger as they are wireless, you can charge them up and use the battery in them so you don’t have any fiddly cables to worry about. I kinda wish they came with a USB plug to charge them up but then again I think I’ve got about five different ones packed up so I’m sure when I move into a new property I’ll find them again.

Wireless Battery: Once charged these last ages (12 hours whilst connected) so I’d definitely recommend using them via Bluetooth to your phone, that said it does use up a bit more phone battery in the process so it may not be the best choice for long journeys ect, but for me and my daily commute, wireless is the way to go. They will also be amazing once I re-join a local gym here in Devon as the cable to my music was always the bain of a workout. I love that you have the choice of wired and wireless, I really think more headphones should come with that. They are a definitely upgrade to the Wired Beats 2.0. released previous to these, but these are £100 extra so you should definitely consider is this feature is one you will benefit from.

rose gold beats

Sound Quality: I’ve always considered Beats to be one of the best makes on the market for headphones/speakers and these headphones reinforce my opinion. My music sounds clearer through these and the extra bass added on the Beats 2.0 models is definitely an advantage to music lovers, even with a lack of deep bass music, I notice a subtle difference that adds a new depth to my music library. They also have a subtle noise cancelling quality, meaning your music sounds even clearer on the move but also means you’ll still hear a passing car ect. when crossing a road. Basically, the sound quality is amazing and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to hear music as it was made to be heard. It is also important to note these can also be used to talk to someone on the phone too with its inbuilt microphone. I haven’t tried this yet but other reviews really do rate this feature.

rose gold beats

Portability: Some headphones can be really bulky and I’m a small-tote-bag-kinda-gal, so I needed something that are light and portable. The folding ability of the headphones were another reason I fell in love with Beats from the start. They can fit in my tote no problem. They are also amazingly light, my last pair of headphones were hand-me-downs from my dad and were the bulkiest things ever (albeit years and years and years ago) but for some reason I expected them all to be the same, not these bad boys, these are so travel friendly. You can use the bluetooth function up to 9 meters away and their are even volume buttons on the headphones so you don’t need your phone to adjust the sound, I do however wish the other side had a next/previous/shuffle button option but maybe now I’m just being picky?

Comfort: I find my ears get very sore with earphones which is why I wanted headphones in the first place. The padded headband-like design of these disperse the force of themselves evenly which means you won’t get earache whilst wearing them. When wearing with my sunglasses they kind of pinched the back of my glasses into my head and so I’m not confident these would be the best choice for those that wear glasses daily, my head however is very sensitive (meaning I could never wear cute headbands ect. when I was younger as they hurt me) so I’d say try them before you buy them to just be sure.

beats 3

All in all, I’m super happy with my purchase and actually look forward to my journeys everyday to work so I get to use these again. You can pick them up and find out even more about the product here. I’ve known others that have had their Beats headphones for years upon years and I expect no less from these. They also come with a 1 year warranty with Apple like their phones ect for piece of mind which is always an added bonus. If you’re looking to invest, I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Have these been on your wishlist or do you have a pair already? Let me know!

Amy x

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