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Ever since getting my first Z palette and single pan shadows from Makeup Geek I became hooked. A few weeks ago now Beauty Bay had half price off all Makeup Geek products and the website quickly crashed but I managed to pick up a few new Eye Shadows from it. The shadows themselves are quite cheap usually so you can only imagine my excitement when my order got confirmed and the delivery arrived, so lets take a look into the new additions to my large Z palette.

z palette update 3

Mirage / A soft yellow tones transition shade perfect to add as a base colour before any eye look. This is lighter than the infamous peach smoothie which is much better for me being so pale, it is also much less chalky. Absolute must for everyone in my opinion as I’ve already used this more than my other lighter transition shades as mentioned in my initial haul here.

Brownie Points / The description of this as a milk chocolate colour with a matte finish sums this up perfectly. Id’s say it is a neutral-to-cool colour and is extremely versatile. You can never have too brown crease shades really can you?!

Taupe Notch / This is a gorgeous medium brown with warm undertones and I’m genuinely obsessed with the satin finishes by makeup geek as they look so beautiful and not over the top for everyday. This and Brownie Points go so well together to add definition to the eye, adding this to the outer V has become a daily look for me recently.

Cocoa Bear / Another matte eye shadow but unlike any others so far in my collection, it’s another medium-brown but with a really warm, red undertone and it looks amazing for summer! This will work with any skin tone but especially makes my green eyes pop by adding a subtle contrast. It would have the same effect for anyone with blue or hazel eyes too.

Drama Queen / I’ve been loving purple eye looks at the moment and it has seem to have come from nowhere so when I saw this dark purple shade I knew it had to have it. It looks amazing for night out as it has an amazing sparkle to it. Adding this to my outer V adds amazing definition and it’s an amazing shade to mix up your palette!

Mesmerized / This is one of their foiled shadows. Having been so impressed with the one I picked up previously I knew I had to add a few more to my collection. This is a gorgeous medium taupe colour with purple undertones. The pigment on the foiled line is phenomenal, just like having a pressed pigment.

High Wire / The second foiled shadow in this haul and is a shade so unique it is unlike anything in my collection so far. It’s a beautiful pearl silver with a cool blue undertone perfect for sticking all over the lid or just around your tear duct to act as a highlight. This goes so well with any cool toned eye look (although it arrived slightly damaged which always pains me a little!).

Galaxy / This is a charcoal grey colour I thought would help me experiment a little more with smoky eyes. It has a frosted glitter finish and looks amazing for a night out but I did notice a little more fall out with this compared to the above colours. It’s not a colour I’ll wear daily but definitely one that will create drama and bring attention to your eyes.

z palette update 4

My Z Palette is only 6 eye shadows away from being complete and I absolutely love it. It looks professional and every eye shadow is amazing in quality. I was so sceptical about them at first thinking I wouldn’t use them as much as other eye shadows I have but I was so wrong. This palette goes every where with me and I love it. I can’t wait to complete it where I’ll then make a video talking you through every shade (including the middle shadows by Benefit!). If, like me, you’re in two minds and are yet to own anything from Makeup Geek I promise you won’t regret trying them out as not only are they the same if not better than MAC shadows but also half the price even when these are not on special offer. Be sure to sign up to the Beauty Bay newsletter to not miss any similar deals to this! I would have picked up more colours but they all sold out so quickly!

z palette update

What other colours would you recommend to complete my Z palette? I’d love your suggestions!

Amy x

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