My Eyebrow Routine

my eyebrow routine

A post that has been highly requested but one I have never actually got around to typing up: my eyebrow routine. Reading all about the products other use is a serious side effect from the Cara Delevingne envy we all have on how to up our eyebrow game. Getting fuller yet natural looking brows is not always an easy task and by no means am I an expert, but I wanted to share with you all the products and brushes I use myself to achieve more shaped brows. My biggest problem are that my eyebrows are naturally pretty light so this post should be handy for all you blondies out there who need some help!

Step One: Shape and Fill.

filling in brows anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade

This step is the most important of the three for me. I measure out where I want my brows to start by placing my Anastasia Beverly Hills brush in no. 7 in line with the bridge of my nose and put a very faint line using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade in Blonde. I then measure out where it will end by aligning the same brush from the bottom of my nostril to the end of my eye and place a faint dot. To find the arch I align the brush through the pupil of my eye and again place a very faint line. There is my stencil for my next step and helps my brows to look as symmetrical as possible. I then draw the outline of my brow very gently, matching up my stencilled outline in the process.Once done on both brows I take my time filling them in as gently as possible as the Dipbrow Pomade is very pigmented so  can easily be over applied. I sometimes do use my Soap & Glory Archery in Love is Blonde pencil for this too as the tone is less warm and is a slightly better match for my hair or I mix the two to make a natural, multi-tonal look. It doesn’t matter if you do accidental make them slightly too dark as using the spooley end of the eyebrow brush you can brush away access product from your brow to lighten them up. I often end up doing this despite gently applying product to a) make the look even lighter and b) to make the start of my brows look more natural by creating the ‘fan’ look. I didn’t get on with the Soap & Glory alone but mixing it with my Dipbrow Pomade is a match made in heaven. I also tend to make the tail of my eyebrow a little darker to define shape and find the pen end of the product great for keeping it thin.

Step Two: Tidy.

rimmel lasting finish concealer

rimmel lasting perfect concealer porcelain and ivory

This step is paramount in ensuring your brows are as shaped as you want them to be. Once you’re happy with the colour they are, I use (my new absolute fave) concealer and my Real Techniques Concealer Brush to outline the top and bottom of my brows, focussing on making the tail as sharp as possible. I have both 020 Ivory and 010 Porcelain in the concealers and use the Ivory shade on the top of my brow as it is a closer match to my skin and the Porcelain shade on the bottom of my brow as it also highlights my brow bone. I have heard some people simply use their foundation for this step and that is equally fine, so long as you use a thin brush to make your lines sharp, even for a natural look. I couldn’t do my brows without this step as it makes such a difference to the finish.

Step Three: Set.

maybelline brow drama review

To then ensure my hard work lasts all day, I use the Maybelline BROWdrama brow mascara in transparent to coat my brows. This step is completely optional but I find it makes them last a little longer and is a god send when it is raining outside. This was very inexpensive from my local Superdrug and any clear mascara or gel will work, plus it sets hairs to lay a certain way which increases how natural your look is.

Annnnnnnd… that is literally it. Three steps to better brows. Being blonde is so hard as so many products are made for darker hair however this really is fool proof to having natural looking brows that are more shaped. I’ve got a long way to go to compete to Miss Delevinge but it’s a good place to start. I never used to fill my brows and I can’t imagine not doing them, in fact they are the first thing I do in my make up routine.

Do you use any of these products? Or have any products you want to recommend? Let me know!

Amy x

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