Molton Brown patisserie parlour collection review

Molton Brown always reminds me of luxurious hotels, so you can only imagine my excitement when I received their new collection: a Molton Brown patisserie parlour gift set. Brought out specifically for Mother’s Day, their new gift sets combine their famous luxurious formula with new fruity scents – two of my favourite things! Seeming as today is Mother’s Day, what a better time to talk about this new release? Read on to find out more about this collection.

Molton Brown patisserie parlour

I was kindly sent the Comice Pear & Wild Pear duo, and it certainly does not dissapoint. You can see why it was made with Mums in mind, but if you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I love anything that smells delicious. Honey has amazing benefits for your skin, and this particular gift set includes a hand wash as well as a hand cream. I feel as though I neglect looking after my hands like I should, and these have already made their way on display in my bathroom and Rich is already a huge fan – almost as much as me! So, more about the products themselves…

Molton Brown patisserie parlour hand wash

Comice pear and wild honey fine liquid hand wash

This is more than just a hand wash, this makes my hands feel super soft even after just one use. It also smells gorgeously sweet, making my whole bathroom smell like a luxurious London hotel. We can pretend. It’s also an incredible 300ml in size and it will last so long as a tiny bit goes a long way as it lathers up really well. You definitely need to add this to your bathroom, or give it as a gift to a loved one, as anyone of any age will adore this combination of scent and ingredients that make your skin feel hydrated.

Molton Brown comice pear & wild honey hand cream

Comice pear & wild honey hand cream

The second of the products in my Molton Brown patisserie parlour gift set was this delightful hand cream. I’m a hand cream whore – there I said it, but it’s true. You’ll find a hand cream everywhere I go: in my bedroom, my beauty room, my hand bag, my work bag, on my desk at work and in my car. To be able to try another is great as my hands can get so dry, so quickly when it’s cold (so 99% of the time in the UK). This is a thick formula that is a great choice for even sensitive skin as it is gentle on the skin too. To try it out, I put a little on my hands at 7am, when I got out of bed, and my hands remained nourished until 1pm when I went in to another small squirt, as again, a little goes a very long way. The scent is the same as the hand wash; a sweet mix of pear and honey that remains scented even after use. as only £10 on it’s own, this is a product I’d recommend for anyone else that is like me and is a little addicted to hand creams and lotions on the go.

Molton Brown comice pear & wild honey review

Molton Brown

Can you tell I’m a huge fan of the Molton Brown patisserie parlour range, and really want to try the other scents in the limited edition collection especially those with a candle as I’ve never tried a Molton Brown candle before but if it’s anything like their hand and shower products, I know I’ll fall deeply in love.

Have you tried the Molton Brown patisserie parlour collection yet? Have a favourite product?

Amy x

*these products were sent in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own, read my full disclaimer here.

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