Review – Merumaya Skincare Products

Merumaya skincare review

Skincare products give me a love/hate relationship – I love the feeling of my skin once I provide it with some well deserved TLC, but the products I put into my routine, the more likely I am to wipe my face with a makeup wipe and be done with it. I have vowed to give it a lot more attention this year, lets face it, I’m not getting any younger and every old woman I know with gorgeous skin promises starting your skincare regime as young as possible will devliver best results when it matures… so this is where Merumaya comes in. A skincare company with a series of products that promises to make your skincare regime simpler – I couldn’t pass up the chance to review such gorgeous looking products! So continue reading to find out how I got on with them…

Merumaya skincare

So I received a package with four products – Iconic Youth Serum, Melting Cleansing Balm, Luxury Facial Wash and the Pure Radiance Mask – all of which offered something new to treat my skin to essential vitamin and minerals to not only clean but also prevent ageing, so lets look a little deeper into the benefits each product provides…

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum review

Iconic Youth Serum | £36.50

With an almost five star rating my customers on their website, this is one of their most loved products and I could see why. I’ve been testing these out for just under a month and I’d definitely agree this has improved the elasticity of my skin. This would be a product I would recommend for people with more mature skin as the active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 3,6 and 9 as well as Echium Oil will help to fight aging skin and vanish dark spots. I have extremely sensitive skin and this did not irritate it at all, it is not a greasy product nor too drying so I’d definitely say it was appropriate for all skin types! It’s one of those products you only needs to use a few times to notice healthier looking skin!

Merumaya pure radiance mask review

Pure Radiance Mask | £19.50

I love a good face mask and this was really nice to use weekly for a skin pick me up! I kept this on for around half an hour and it helped improve my skins radiance over the course of the month trial which was very impressive. The ingredients of this is very similar to those in the Iconic Youth Serum so I believe a combination of the two really helped to improve my skins health. I had a terrible break out due to the rubbish weather we had with a combination of stress of Rich moving out just over a week ago so I found this was good to help smooth the look of my very angry pores and helped neutralise discolouration caused by a break out – probably one of my favourite of all four products!

Merumaya melting cleansing balm

Melting Cleansing Balm | £16.50

It took me a little while to realise this was a make-up removing product, I had to research just how to use this but once I realised, it performed amazingly. I applied this product directly to my made up face when I was ready for removal, massaged it into my skin (and make-up) and added to water which created a thicker consistency which made it very easy to remove. That said my eyes were too sensitive to this product and so I wouldn’t recommend to apply around eye make-up, but the rest of your face this works a dream. You can use a Muslin Cloth but I found an exfoliating flannel worked just as well to swipe remove any make-up it listed up. I even used this on a day I didn’t wear make-up to attack any dirt/grim on my face.

Merumaya luxury facial wash

Luxury Facial Wash | £16.50

When I had my horrific breakout, this guy saved my face – no word of a lie! An ingredient called A.C.Net actually treats spots as well as redness and inflammation and I’d recommend this if you are acne/spot prone and want a facial wash to not only treat these problem areas but also brighten your skin for it to look healthier than it actually is. Again this reacted well with my sensitive/combination skin but also many reviews of their website saying this also works miracles on dry skin too so I’d say this is another all rounder but one I’d recommend to anyone who breaks out often and needs a product to help treat blemishes.

Merumaya skincare review

To summarise, Merumaya has made looking after my skin much less of a drag whilst delivering some really remarkable results. I go through so many different creams/serums/products-that-promise-miracles and these guys were wonderful and helping a girl out in her time of need. I can honestly notice an improvement in my skin over the month trial and would recommend these products to anyone who is looking to invest more in their skincare.

Have you tried any of these products or have any product recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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