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It’s another month and there is another melt crowd box. The May ’16 box contains so many gorgeous scents that I had to share with you all. What with moving out of my current flat this month  I was excited to see what scents I’ll be filling up my new property with and there are so many unique smells here I couldn’t recommend this subscription service enough if you’re like me and enjoy nothing more than burning a candle/melt away and relaxing at home. Continue reading to see what scents were included in the May box…

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The special thing about the May box was that it celebrated The Melt Crowds 1st birthday and included was an exclusive birthday cake emoji scent absolutely free as well as their normal eight scents for the small price of £10. They have been going from strength to strength with more subscribers than ever and what a fantastic box to celebrate a year of my flat smelling better than ever. So lets talk more about which scents were included in this months box…

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Birthday Cake (Special Birthday Gift!): As mentioned this was this months freebie and if you’re a lover of sweet scents you’ll absolutely adore this scent (also who thinks they should sell these as gifts to buy friends and family on their birthdays?). With a vanilla smell with even a very light scent of lemon, this smells amazing and is a scent I know that will fill a home wonderfully.

Banana: This is one of the most unique scents in this months box and I was expecting it to smell kind of rank but I was so surprised – it smells incredibly subtle and has a very tropical aura about it. Think a banoffee pie just come out of the oven filling up your home.. Yummy!

Fresh Aloe: This is one of my favourite of all the scents, it smells incredibly fresh just like so many Aloe infused bath products and this is one I am definitely lighting in my bathroom. If you like scents such as Clean Towels or Baby Powder then you’ll adore this. It will make your house smell like a Lush store.

Cola Jellies: Never did I imagine a cola scent but this works incredible. Do you remember those Willy Wonka Cola Bottle Cap Sweets from the 90’s/00’s? Well this takes me back to eating them. It is not overpowering and smells refreshing with a subtle hint of cola and if you want nostalgia to hit you, this will do the trick!

Lemon Alcopop: The ‘Wild’ range is one of my favourite by Flamingo Candles and again the scents feels very nostalgic. If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll know lemon or lime scents are my absolute favourites! This scent is a fantastic mox of fruity and fizzy with a very floral mix added in to prevent this lemon smelling artificial. Oh it’s incredible and one I’d definitely recommend to you all to try.

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Wild Bluebell: This is one of the most subtle scent of all of the wax melts. With bluebell and a subtle floral mox this smells incredibly fresh and would be perfect for any occasion. I can’t imagine the scent will have a large throw out but sometimes it’s nice to have the option of something very light to burn.

May Carnival: I love scents that are special to the month of the box – so May Carnival is a total spring inspired scent that is right up my street. It is extremely floral but does not smell artificial at all, it smells incredible and perfect for when it is sunny outside. Love, love, love.

Coconut Lemongrass: Now I don’t like the smell of coconut at all but this is so subtle and the kick of lemon makes this feel very fresh. This will make your home smell incredibly fresh whilst remaining very light.

Clean Cotton: You can never go wrong with a classic? I adore fresh scents and this mimics the Yankee Candle Clean Cotton scent extremely well (which is one of my favourites). It reminds me of the smell of my mums house and I’m saving this for my new property as I love having a fresh scent burning in the bedroom as it helps me sleep so well.

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So there we have the content on the May ’16 box by Flamingo Candles and what a fantastic one it was. With a huge variety from Banana to Clean Cotton, the surprise element of this box still gets me a year on and I’ve said it before, but I could not recommend this brand more for quality and price. The way they cater their scents for the time of year is a fantastic touch and I can’t wait to see what’s featured in the summer boxes this year.

Did you receive this months box or looking to subscribe? Which is your favourite scent? Let me know!

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