The Melt Crowd March ’16

the melt crowd march 2016

The Melt Crowd is back for it’s March ’16 edition and oh boy is this one a gooden! I follow Flamingo Candles on Instagram and saw the release of their bunny (easter edition) wax melts and hoped so badly it would be the feature of this months box and they did not dissapoint – that said, if it hadn’t been included, I’d have definitely picked a few up from their website. If you love subscription boxes and wax melts/anything that smells GORGEOUS you’ll want to keep reading to see how I rate the March ’16 box…

the melt crowd

This month also marked my 9th month of being a member of The Melt Crowd where I received an additional ‘Candy Floss’ scent as a thank you from them – how cute! Flamingo Candles have recognised how we are jumping very quickly into spring with many scents that scream that start of longer days so without any further ramblings let me talk you through the melts included in this months box:

Bare ylang ylang & bergamot essential oil melt: the essential oil melts are probably my favourite of all the range I have received throughout my Melt Crowd membership as the depth of scent is often like no other I have experienced plus they smell so fresh and organic – a winner for everyone really. What I love especially about this melt is that it smells like a lush bath bomb – ylang ylang is an ingredient I love and actively look for in a bath bomb and to see this used in a scent is a dream come true – it smells gorgeous and is one of my faves from this month. Can’t wait to melt it!

Very vanilla: there isn’t much I can say about this scent than the title already suggests; this is a gorgeous vanilla smell that promises to fill your entire home with a ‘cake just baked’ kinda smell (does that make sense?). It is very strong but doesn’t smell synthetic, but actually like real vanilla pods, I just hope the depth of the scent when burnt doesn’t become too potent.

Easter egg: I love nothing more than embracing a season that celebrates the consumption of chocolate often bigger than your head, but this scent does smell like a very synthetic chocolate on first impressions. I guess it’s great f you’re trying to resist urges of diving into your cupboards and eating your own weight in easter eggs but for me, a self-confessed chocoholic, did not wow me like I would imagine.

Mango & dragonfruit: now to counteract my opinions on the previous melt, this one is a gorgeous, fruity, summery scent that with one whiff takes me back to sitting on the beaches of Tenerife drinking cocktails. I love mango scents and with a twist of dragonfruit this does an amazing job of captivating all my favourite things from a wax melt in one. This is another favourite of mine from the box. This may even be one I have to buy as a candle form for both myself and friends birthdays because it smells divine.

the melt crowd french lime blossom

French lime blossom: if you’re a regular reader, or at least read any of my previous candle related posts, you will know how Lime is my most favourite scent to ever be in a candle. Even after all these years, Yankee Candles ‘Vanilla Lime’ remains a definite favourite of mine and although this scent is completely different to that, it makes the lime smell much more floral and makes me fall in love with Lime all over again. It smells so refreshing and always makes me feel super relaxed. If you have never given Lime a go, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

Spring break: this is a very subtle, floral scent that I can imagine will be perfect after a long day at work to unwind with whilst binge watching on Netflix (in particular the new series Love – has anyone else got hooked?). I love the infused scents here to really depict what it is like to be in spring and with Rich moved out, I can get away with burning much more feminine scents and this is going to be on the top of my list as I’m sure it will be with many people as it is very versatile whilst remaining delicate.

Spearmint: hmm, I remain indecisive about this one even as I type, because it does smell very fresh as all mint does but I feel if this was infused with basil as well it would create a super bad-ass scent that would help calm the mind and de-stress the body… but I find this scent on its own a little flat? It does just smell like my toothpaste and it may smell a little different when burnt which would make me change my mind.. but I have never seen a solid mint scent before and this is why. Have you got this months box and love it? Let me know, because I just can’t decide what it is that isn’t winning me over.

Candy floss: my ‘happy 9th month’ present and it smells wonderful, one I know Rich would love if he was still in our flat. I feel like we have had this one beforehand in a previous months box? It smells very unique, like a muted down vanilla, I can’t say it shouts CANNNDYY FLOOOSSSSSS to me but it does remind me of those gorgeous vanilla car scents you can get for your vents. Regardless, it is a very nice scent a lovely gesture for them to say thank you.

Bunny easter melt: a melt shaped into a bunny? Flamingo candles you have won over my heart and internal child. This smells amazing, with a very potent vanilla smell with undertones of rhubarb? I say that because it smells like the Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets my mum would always buy me and my sister when we were younger and so the nostalgia kicked right in when I first smelt this. Wrapped in its gold foil, this bunny would make a gorgeous easter gift for only £2 a pop on their website which if you know someone that would rather a gorgeous smelling home than a easter egg I’d highly recommend this… That said I don’t have the heart to melt him just yet. I’ve named him Roger.

melt crowd bunny melt

There are so many melts in this months box that have won me over already. I still can’t sing enough praises of the Melt Crowd Box at £10 for eight melts (although you get an extra one on your 3rd, 6th and 9th box) you can’t argue with value for money, especially from a brand such as Flamingo Candles. This is such an inexpensive way to ensure your home smells gorgeous plus a great opportunity to try scents you wouldn’t usually pick up and therefore find some new favourites.

Have you tried The Melt Crowd or want too? What scent is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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