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Seeming as I’ll be moving out of my current flat next week, I thought I’d show you all my May empties as I’ve been trying my hardest to finish as many open products to prevent as many leaks on the move back to Devon. I’ve got through much more than expected, and seeming as my previous empty products were featured in a video I thought I’d alternate it with a post this time around. So sit back, relax and delve into my empty stash from this month.


I’ve managed to finish quite a few oils this month as I’ve been obsessed with the results they have given me from giving my hair life and my skin moisture over the super hot days we have been having in London lately (not complaining at all) and I’m gutted so many have come to an end but that said many of these will be repurchased and I’ll explain exactly why below…

Bio Oil / Now this is an oil I’ve been using for over four years and continue to re-purchase it because I swear that it really does provide miracle results. I wrote a full review here so be sure to check that out if you want to know why I love it so much, but in short, everyone should go out and try this to solve your skincare woes.

Body Shop Wild Argan Oil / My hair is fragile, dry and damaged from years of bleaching and I decided to get into using hair oils as so many people raved about the benefits of making your hair so much healthier so I was sure to see what the hype was all about. I purchased this Argan Oil from The Body Shop almost this time last year and it’s only just ran out, again I have a full review available here but I’ve honestly seen a noticeable difference since last year. My hair appears thicker, longer and is growing much more than it ever did previously.

Pantene Pro V Split Hair Serum / Split Ends are the bain of my life – I can’t be the only one? I am willing to try anything to prevent my hair splitting and needing a hair cut. I picked this up in Superdrug a few months ago as I had used it previously and remembered really enjoying it. To be honest, I haven’t seen a huge difference since using it on my ends. Every time I washed my hair I would put this on when I got out and although I love that it wasn’t at all greasy, it didn’t do a lot and for that reason I won’t be repurchasing this again. Any recommendations for preventing split ends? Please let me know in the comments!

Body Shop Coconut Hair Oil / Now the biggest oil craze of the past year – coconut oil! I bought this only a few months ago and was alternating between this and the Argan Oil as a weekly deep treatment for my hair and I’d definitely say this was my favourite of the two even though it did not last as long. The longer you leave it on your hair the better, I slept with it on my hair once and in the morning my hair felt as though I had been to a salon and felt silky soft and had so much more volume. If you have the same kind of hair as me, I would recommend you go grab this immediately, well in fact any Coconut Oil as it really does work!


Now these three products are a little more random but nonetheless I have really been enjoying using them…

Superdrug Superberry Mud Mask / Who doesn’t love a classic face mask? Although I much prefer peel off ones, this has an exfoliating quality which my skin has been loving this month as I’ve seemed to have broken out quite a lot because of the humidity in London. I love putting this on, watching Eastenders then taking it off and my skin feels noticeably smoother. My skin is very sensitive and I find all the Superdrug own products cater extremely well to that and therefore I will be stocking up on this as it’s extremely affordable and pretty god damn amazing.

Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo / Every blonde will know just how important silver shampoo is to maintain the vibrancy of hair colour and remove those horrid brassy tones no body likes! I have tried a few Silver Shampoos recently and I’m thinking of writing a more in-depth review of each one on here for you all – so let me know if that is something you are interested in reading!

Maple Holistics Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath / If you’ve seen my recent videos, you’ll know how little sleep I seem to be having lately. I’m not quite sure if it’s to do with the warmer weather, not knowing when to switch off or the fact Rich is no longer here to cuddle into. But I searched my bath stash for anything that could help relax me and help me drift off a little easier. With Lavender scent, I knew this would help me and it really did. I reviewed this previously here but finished it off this month and I really need more as I was gutted to use the last little bit as I’m convinced it was responsible for a good few sleeps this month.


RiRi by Rihanna Perfume / Every empties post normally includes a Rihanna perfume as my mum loves buying them for me and I love the scents of every one so far. This was one I had never used before and I was quickly using it daily as it was very fresh with a hint of floral – perfect for the spring. Her perfumes are very inexpensive and I find they last a good few hours and I know I’ll be getting another to my collection very soon!

Bourjois Happy Light Primer / I wanted to try this as so many people claimed on how good of a primer it was but I was left pretty unconvinced. It did make my skin look a little more matte before my foundation but I didn’t find it provided any radiance to my face at all. I didn’t hate it and I didn’t love it and for the spring I much prefer a more glowy finish so this will not be being repurchased on that basis.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation / Lets take the negativity from the previous product and turn that right around, this is quite possible the best drugstore foundation I have ever tried. Ever. I know that is a bold claim but everything from the finish to the coverage to the blend-ability. I love it so much. I’m in the shade Light Vanilla when I don’t have fake tan on so I’m going to try and find a suitable shade for when I have a tan, but this is just beautiful in every respect.

Batiste Dry Shampoo / Now I bought this mini way back in my Holiday Haul here – the only reason I’ve only just finished this off is that it has been in my handbag ever since and I’ve rarely had to dry shampoo on-the-go. I love Batiste dry shampoos and have the largest one they do at home as I’m trying to stretch to washing my hair every third day and find that without dry shampoo I’d look like I’ve been working in a grease spoon all day. I am that person that would buy a mini size product because it looks cute so … yeah.. amazing!

So there we have all of my empty products from this month as of yet. Do let me know if you prefer seeing empty products in a post or as a video and as ever do let me know the products you’ve been using non stop this month as I’d love to try some new products as I always seem to repurchase the same products and I fancy a little more variety.

Amy x

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