MAC please me & ruby woo lipstick review

A few months ago I made my first MAC purchases, I know, how have I gone this long and not given into temptation. I decided on: MAC please me & ruby woo.. Continue reading to see if they really are worth the hype.

mac ruby woo and please me

MAC please me & ruby woo


I knew I really wanted a nude lipstick from MAC as this could mean I could wear it any day on any occasion! It took a while to find out which would be the best match for my pale skin. I instantly researched Velvet Teddy, thanks to the Kylie Jenner movement but its brown undertones wouldn’t really suit me so I investigated the more pink hues. Again, MAC made the choice a really hard one as there were so many different ones for all different skin tones but when I found Please Me, I scouted the internet for reviews and swatches of how it looked on others with pale skin (I’m surely not the only one who does this?) and I loved it even more!

mac please me swatches on pale skin

MAC Please Me on pale skin!

lipstick images are awkward so enjoy my selfies instead!

I love it as it’s a great, subtle, ‘my lips but better’ colour and doesn’t wash me out like other pink lipsticks on the market! Please Me is one from MAC’s matte range so although I love the finish it does dry out your lips throughout the day but I found that using my eos lipbalm before application helps reduce this a little! This is such a great shade for spring/summer and will go with ANY outfit – trust me, I can’t stop wearing it! I didn’t have a lip liner for this beforehand but since purchased one from Rimmel to match the gorgeous pink and it’s a great match. Using lip liners have meant the colour stays on even longer and so I get an ENTIRE day out of this lipstick plus lip liners help to define the shape of your lips! If anyone is unsure about Please Me – I’d recommend it completely and just wish never had to take it off!



Now when I decided that I’d be buying new lipsticks from MAC I knew I had to get a brand new red lipstick! There were two choices but I had heard so many people rave about Ruby Woo I whacked it in my basket straight away. I love nothing more than going on a night out with red lipstick on, it’s a total confidence booster!

mac ruby woo on pale skin

mac ruby woo on pale skin

I love the colour so much, it’s a really great rich red, avoiding all orange/coral undertones that I don’t particularly like wearing. The pigmentation of this shade is incredible and normally I take out my lipstick with me on a night out but I didn’t have to top this up once – AMAZING! I’m going to be getting the lip liner to match this from MAC soon but I love how big it makes my lips look. Again, this shade is from the Matte range and I love the finish, plus it doesn’t smudge so when you see your friend, you can kiss them without leaving a massive mark on their cheek! I love the shade with my pale skin too but know it’s so versatile it’ll look great with any skin shade from light to dark. I love this so much and it’s a great lipstick to have for special occasions – it’s going to last me FOREVER and will be one I’ll be going back too as no red lipstick has matched this yet for me!

At £15.50 a bob, MAC lipsticks are definitely are on the expensive side but my experience so far has left me so impressed that I want more to add to my collection! Seeing the #MACEllieGoulding collection to be released in December I can’t wait to order all that are available then, plus their Retro Matte finishes are something I really want to try having loved these shades in standard Matte. I am now looking to get as many MAC products in my collection as possible to see if I love them just as much and can TOTALLY understand the hype.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Ever tried MAC please me & ruby woo ?

Amy x

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