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Oh not another haul post? But I feel like I haven’t shopped directly at MAC in quite some time and when I found out someone from my old store worked in MAC too I knew this shop was inevitable (Shoutout to Samina right here – you babe!). With help from her staff discount I went MAC Haulin’ and I don’t have a single regret as I’ve picked up quite a few items that had been on my wishlist for so long so be sure to keep reading to find out what exciting new products I have to try out… mac haul    mac lipliner haul

mac lipliners

Having recently become obsessed with lip liners where a few months ago I didn’t really use them all that much I decided to pick up a selection of different colours here for all occasions. I already have Soar by MAC and loved how long it lasted on my lips despite being a very fair nude which confirmed the quality of the lip liners by MAC so here are the colours I picked up and why…

Whirl / This is very comparable to Soar as a good old nude but this has slightly more brown in undertone. I have picked up Whirl the lipstick and knew the pair would work perfectly together.  I have also been pairing this up with Velvet Teddy for a natural 90’s everyday lip and love the natural definition it adds to my rubbish thin lips. Wearing this on its own is also such a winner so if you don’t have this already – you definitely need it!

Nightmoth / The one thing I don’t have in my collection yet is a dark lip liner like Nightmoth. One of my favourite lip looks is a dark/vampy colour no matter the time of year and as soon as I saw this swatched in store I fell in love so god knows why I didn’t buy it months ago. It’s a very rich burgundy with a purple undertone (like a very dark wine) and it made my imagination tick – I have tried this not only with similarly dark colours but also reds and pinks and the combination it makes is so unique. You probably think I’m mad but it does really work!

Burgundy / MAC Diva is definitely my all time favourite red lipsticks in my collection and when I saw this swatched alongside that I just went crazy for Burgundy as it’s pretty much Diva in a liner form. This is less dramatic to Nightmonth which looks close to black in comparison to this (do let me know if you’d like to do a full collection and swatches post) which makes it a little more wearable for the daily. Like all of the liners, this is incredibly opaque and creamy to apply which will dry down to a gorgeous matte finish. MAC’s lip liners may be expensive compared to other brands but I definitely believe they are worth the splurge!

Ruby Woo / Can you believe this is the first red lip liner to enter my collection?! Mad. I love Ruby Woo for a true red lip (where Diva is a little more burgundy) and were looking at a variation of drug store lip liners to pair with it until I decided to pick up the other three I though “Why the heck not get Ruby Woo too?!” and I’m so pleased I have as it helps my lips appear so much bigger without looking too drawn on. I never realised the true power of a lip liner and now I’m a little obsessed, can you tell?

mac lipstickmac lipsticks for summer

So this haul is definitely very lip orientated, I just feel as though the Summer gives us the perfect opportunity to start experimenting a little bit more with looks. All the lipsticks picked up are from the MAC Matte Lipstick collection as they are the perfect combination of matte and creamy without being drying on the lips and lasting hours. So lets have a little look into the colours I went for…

Sin / I feel as though this colour is actually much darker than the picture suggests above. It is very comparable to Diva in the fact it’s a vampy burgundy red with a healthy mix of purple and brown undertones making it a colour that just screamed my attention. I am super pale, without fake tan I’m NC15 and this does not wash me out at all! It’s a super opaque colour that will pair beautifully with both Burgundy and Nightmoth lip liners depending on the intensity of the look I’m going for. I want to also mention how opaque this colour is – one sqipe on the lips and you’re ready to go. I hadn’t hear as much about this colour compared to Diva and I can tell I’ll be reaching for this a lot on nights out ect.

Whirl / As mentioned before, I picked this up to go with the Whirl lip liner for a very Kyle Jenner-esque 90’s brown toned lip with rosy undertones. It’s a gorgeous nude to make lips appear fuller and larger (who doesn’t want that?) and it will suit every skin tone as I’ve seen pale girls rock this just as well as darker girls for a your lips but better kinda look. I may even prefer the colour of this to Velvet Teddy.. (interested to see an entire MAC lipstick collection video? Let me know!).

Studded Kiss / What a surprise another dark oxblood-type red for my collection? You’d almost think I have a certain taste? It’s so similar to Dive but ever so slightly brighter (so totes meant I had to have it because it was different enough) and I’m really pleased I did for a summery day and a nude eye look. I can’t seem to say no to a MAC, matte, dark red.

mac false lashes extreme black mascaramac false lashes extreme black mascara

Now I had to pick up a non lip related product to make me feel a little better about this haul, right?

False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara / I mentioned in this video how much I loved the sample of this mascara which comes free with any online order with MAC and I promised myself then to pick up a full size when I do my next order and I hate breaking promises to myself so this happened. So that’s three new mascaras in the past few weeks – oops. Ah well, I can be super picky so to have found three that all work for me is a massive achievement and I can’t wait to be using this even more religiously than I do at the moment.

That concludes my new MAC items. I felt super restrained by not order even more items, but most of my makeup is currently in storage because there is no room for it so it would be a bit counter productive but I’m so happy I’ve managed to tick off a lot from my MAC wishlist in this haul as they were all items I would have bought eventually (any excuse to justify it really).

What items are you currently eyeing up from MAC? Be sure to let me know!

Amy x


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